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Elevations RTC Helps Students Socialize During the Pandemic

CDC Makes it Compulsory to Wear Face Masks Indoors to Combat the Spread of Delta Variant of COVID-19 

If you haven’t heard of Elevations RTC, it is a Treatment Center for young adults, primarily those ages 13-18. Elevations is a leading RTC (Residential Treatment Center) that offers multiple levels of support, including guidance, relief, and other levels of support for students of all genders.

This kind of leadership is a growing necessity in colleges across the country as students continue to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the skills that Elevations RTC focuses on is life skills.

Dealing with the continuously evolving social skills, planning, dealing with work and school, stress, and anger. Elevations help young adults cope with the many facets of life as it comes to them. 

Elevations RTC Helps Students During the Pandemic

One of the secondary effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was a level of societal detachment not seen in modern times.

Of course, this damaging side effect has a side effect of its own, including increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, none of which is conducive to a positive frame of mind in a learning environment.

To combat this, Elevations RTC employed several specific and targeted protocols:

  • Managing increased levels of stress
  • Providing relatable peers
  • Putting together a supportive staff
  • Creating fixed routines
  • Providing learning environments catering to smaller groups
  • A primary focus on mental health
  • Keeping parents involved

Throughout the pandemic, Elevations RTC has consistently focused on a narrow, focused, and personal form of treatment for teenagers undergoing heightened levels of stress. It is well understood that stress is different for everyone and that everyone reacts in their way.

Because of this, Elevations RTC helps students identify the underlying cause of their stress, which is the first step towards a resolution. Elevations RTC helps students understand how they can have more control of their lives by identifying the things they cannot control and eliminating them from the equation.

Elevations offer everyone a secure learning environment, recognizing that some teenagers have difficulty handling stress, and in their confusion, both develop bad habits and lash out.

This environment is accomplished through personalized care, one-on-one attention, and an environment that constantly has both therapists and staff members available to speak with at any time of the day or night. Through this, it can help a young adult needing to talk through things and help them with their social skills.

To help students feel less alone, they are grouped with like-minded students undergoing similar issues in their day-to-day lives and dealing with similar stress levels. In turn, it has the added benefit of encouraging students to open up, even when others are around.

Fixed routines allow for a constructive, consistent, and organized environment, which has its way of relieving stress. Part of the stress is dealing with the unknown; however, Elevations has helped many students overcome some stress levels by dealing with consistency and routine. Including:

  • Schedules
  • Balanced and time-oriented meals
  • Lights out at the same time each night
  • Plenty of rest
  • Plenty of nutrition

Small, focused groups are a protocol at Elevations that helps students through the pandemic by providing a streamlined focus on their issues, which is much more challenging to adhere to in more extensive group settings.

Elevations treatment programs place a level of focus that is primarily targeted at mental health. This focus includes a heightened level of awareness on the warning signs that precede a breakdown. We have helped many students deal with mental health issues because of the pandemic.

We do this by changing the nature of our focused attention—in small but beneficial ways—like when a student has trouble coping or dealing with a high level of stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues.

Elevations have increased the time students have to talk to their family members, with additional calls, video calls, Family Bridge, and virtual parent seminars to facilitate communication between students and parents to increase parental involvement during the pandemic and in turn help with their social skills.

Parents Who Worry About the Distance 

Elevations RTC is located in Utah, so there might be a certain degree of anxiety for parents sending their children so far away from home, especially when these students are so obviously struggling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

That’s why it is so important to keep a direct line of communication between parents and the family. Including creating an environment to help teenagers learn and heal from their adversities.

Elevations RTC is an accredited Residential Treatment Center. The staff is proficient and well-trained in understanding and heeding the warning signs of those approaching or having a mental breakdown.

All Things Considered

Elevations RTC is taking a mentally healthy student-focused environment to reduce and learn to deal with anxiety and high levels of stress during the pandemic and help develop their social skills.

With focused and personal instruction, a trained and expert staff, small peer groups, similar-minded placement, and a targeted, serious approach to mental health, Elevations has done and will continue to improve the lives of students.

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