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Engorged breasts post-pregnancy? The ultimate bra guide

Engorged breasts post-pregnancy? The ultimate bra guide

Within the first two to three days following childbirth, you may notice that your breasts have changed tremendously over the process, so much so that you notice some obvious changes like changes in breast size and shape. But keep in mind that changes are natural, but a vast change in breast size requires the need for a properly fitting bra which becomes easy with a bra size calculator.

Swelling is common as your body secretes milk in a short period. Tenderness and throbbing will be experienced only during the initial days post-pregnancy.

Lumpiness and roundness will make your breasts appear firmer. Unevenness, discolouration and swelling can sometimes get out of hand and therefore seek medical guidance if it really concerns you. One of the most common symptoms includes low fever as well.

The grounds for the changes in the breast size is that an abundance of milk would be available within 72 hours post giving birth. A gallon of milk will start producing for your baby. As a consequence, more blood will circulate. The tissue surrounding your breasts and some of the surrounding tissue will grow in size. The end consequence of the milk being produced is a full bulging and enlarged abdomen and breasts.

Swelling near your armpit will be experienced; therefore, wearing a comfortable bra like a T-shirt bra will be more convenient. Avoid the usage of wired and padded bras during this course of time. The timeframe for bra shopping should be prior delivery, around 4-8 months, as the change in the breast size will be significant, and you can’t go back to your normal bra wear any sooner.

Sleeping may concern many women as wearing a bra to sleep is uncomfortable. But a sports bra acts as a supporter for positioning your chest while you relax, so this choice can be suitable for such people.

Everyone knows this period is an awkward phase with numerous difficulties. Somehow proper knowledge and care will help you.

Here are some tips that may help you while shopping for nursing bras with zero knowledge about the subject.

Few tips during the shopping of nursing bras

  1. Choose a bra with a comfy band at the end. You may go farther in as the band extends for the optimum fit.
  2. Try wearing a size smaller than your previous bra. You can go down a cup and up a band, or down a band and up a cup, depending on your bra size. Try sister sizes after you’ve gotten your measurements. One could be a better fit for you.
  3. Look for straps that can be tightened as they stretch.
  4. Try on a variety of cup styles. To know your varied cup size, use a bra size calculator as your breasts change form after you’ve weaned your kid.
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