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In hospital environments, medical staff frequently wear scrubs as a uniform. They are a sort of protective attire that stops patients and caregivers from becoming contaminated with the same disease. Scrubs put a wall between the wearer and dangerous microorganisms in the surrounding air. Scrubs have several additional advantages outside just preventing cross-contamination. Choosing the right scrubs is essential for more functionality, convenience, and comfort when working. Here are some considerations for selecting men’s scrubs.

The fit comes first

Consider the fit and size of your scrubs while making your selection. They could get in the way of your task if they are excessively loose. Choose flexible or stretchy scrubs to increase your range of motion and make you more comfortable.

Men’s bodies can take on various forms and dimensions, just like women’s bodies do. In light of this, avoid unisex scrubs. You need a pair of scrubs for your manly frame because you are a man. Men’s scrubs should first feature straight lines and angles to highlight the powerful male form.

You can further emphasize masculinity by evaluating details like stitching at the shoulders and squared-off chest pockets. Additionally, the v-neck should always stay within the level of the armpits to maintain professionalism.


When it comes to scrub material, polyester is your best pick. Polyester has come to be associated with durability and ease of maintenance, mainly due to technological improvements made by humans in the textile sector. Yes, more so even than cotton. Why specifically:

  • It is free of wrinkles
  • It wicks moisture
  • It is resistant to stains
  • It will not shrink
  • It holds color

That means you can clean, dry, wear your scrubs, then continue your day. Depending on your needs, you can select fabrics that are 100% cotton, a mix of cotton and polyester, or other blends. Choose scrubs that are stain-resistant and antibacterial if you deal with many bodily fluids and germs at work.

Colors matter

Be sure of the color scheme required in your healthcare facility before purchasing any scrubs. There is a vast selection of colors available, and your particular preferences will determine which one you choose. Only a few colors are standard in hospitals, primarily green and blue.

Both plus-size and petite people can wear them. Dark colors can help people who are plus sizes feel smaller and look better, such as navy, black, and burgundy. However, light hues flatter those who are small because they make persons appear larger.

What do you wear under your scrubs?

It is crucial to consider if you will wear something underneath your scrub top and pants while selecting scrubs. If you choose to dress up inside, make sure your scrubs conceal what you are wearing on the inside. Otherwise, your scrub must be thick enough to cover your body adequately.

The bottom line

The suggestions above can assist you in making a scrub selection that will fit your body type and make your work more productive. Overall, make sure the scrubs you select are as comfortable as possible.

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