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Every You Didn’t Know About Collagen and Ultrasonic Facial 

Difference between facelift machine and microcurrent machine

The beauty industry is always pushing new and innovative ways to help you maintain your youthful glow. From the latest and greatest creams and treatments to the most cutting-edge technologies, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to keeping your skin looking fresh.But, have you ever considered a non-invasive treatment that can provide you with Botox-like results in just about 30 minutes?

Understanding Collagen Therapy

Collagen is the major protein in your skin that allows it to retain its softness and supple texture. The natural process of skin aging is caused by the loss of healthy collagen. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, causing sagging.

Collagen therapy can work wonders for this process. While there are many beauty products that claim to increase collagen production, none have been able to provide the same results as collagen for skin treatments.

Understanding Ultrasonic Therapy

Ultrasonic facial therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment option for individuals that may not be interested in Botox. The technique is typically used for tightening and tightening scars, excess skin, and increasing lymphatic drainage for those who desire enhanced vitality and radiance.

Unlike radiofrequency, lasers, microcurrents, and other non-invasive skin treatment modalities, ultrasound can bypass the superficial layer of the skin and produce its effect solely in the deeper layers where it is required. Using ultrasound imaging, the skin layers are visualized prior to beginning the treatment. The focused ultrasound is then precisely delivered to the required location, at the correct depth, with minimal effects on the surrounding tissues. Treatments performed with the ultrasound therapy device usually last between 30 and 80 minutes.

Effects of Ultrasonic Treatment for Collagen Extraction 

The collagen and hyaluronic acid that is produced by the skin under the effect of ultrasonic treatment is considered the body’s most important structural components. The more collagen and hyaluronic acid the skin produces, the stronger and healthier it will be.


One of the most popular benefits of collagen therapy is that it stimulates collagen production. This means you will be left with fewer wrinkles, while also improving your skin’s elasticity. But the benefits don’t stop there.


The collagen in your skin helps strengthen the skin’s connective tissue, while also supporting the formation of blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. In turn, this helps to produce a healthy glowing complexion.

Benefits of Collagen Therapy 

Let’s start with the obvious reason why you need this treatment, you need collagen to look more youthful. Collagen does amazing things for your skin. This mineral is one of the strongest components of your skin and its unique composition gives your skin its unique tone and texture.


It contains 40 percent water, making it one of the most moisture-dense minerals. This makes collagen so hydrating for your skin, which helps in its ability to keep skin elastic, and elasticity helps to reduce wrinkles.


Collagen is also essential for healthy skin, as it provides support to skin cells, making your skin more elastic and less prone to wrinkling. Therefore, when you look at collagen therapy from a dermatologist’s perspective, you’ll often see it as an alternative to Botox. In fact, Botox is said to be most popular for anti-aging rather than collagen therapy.However, the benefits of collagen supplements are still under debate. There is ample evidence that they moisturize the skin and help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis, but more research is needed on lesser-understood benefits such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


Collagen is one of the key building blocks for healthy, young-looking skin. People who are dissatisfied with the way their skin looks, either because it is aging, flaky, or dark, should look to collagen therapies as a way to fight back. The good news is that, in order for the collagen to work, your skin needs to receive an influx of circulation through the treatment area, which is accomplished with regular ultrasound treatments. 


The fact that you are receiving collagen therapy without having to have invasive surgery or remove your skin barrier is a huge advantage. In fact, it was discovered that patients who received ultrasound therapy experienced a marked increase in collagen production, which can lead to younger-looking skin.

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