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Five common Smoking Accessories

Five common Smoking Accessories

These are the five best and standard smoking accessories every cannabis lover should own.

Cannabis is a culture and unique tradition to many across the globe. So, there is no perfect and only way to enjoy cannabis or weeds. Even your spontaneous smoking session can be significantly enhanced with the proper application of smoking accessories.

Smokers have multiple ways to enjoy and indulge in smoking sessions. Moreover, the varieties of smoking accessory in the market broadened the options. There are many variants, from simple glass bongs to ordinary lighters to aesthetic glass chillums. The oldest known smoking accessory is most likely to be the water pipes and hookah.

This article will not discuss all the modern, advanced, intricate blow torches or rigs but some of the most common and standard smoking accessories that will substantially improve the smoking experience. Even using a good quality grinder will improve the smoking substances by a commendable degree.

With significant innovations and uncountable varieties of smoking accessories available almost everywhere, manufacturers can produce high-quality products with intricate designs and eco-friendly materials. Recently, many countries are beginning to legalize cannabis usage and sale.

Nonetheless, there are no such strict restrictions to stop you from enjoying your smoking sessions individually. So, here are the five best smoking accessories you must buy as a smoker and cannabis lover.

The one thing we suggest when buying any smoking product is to get suitable material. And here, the best option is glass. They are chemical-free, durable, and easy to clean. So, if you want to enhance your smoking experience to the fullest, get these standard tools right now.


Bongs have been famous for a long time. But they gained more momentum among the stoners and smokers from the hippie era. The popularity extended from music festivals to spontaneous smoking sessions at home now. You can even get customized bongs from some reliable and reputable retailers.

Bongs are typically glass pipes with a few sections, including a water chamber and a channel for the smoke to pass. The water cools the smoke to form a more apparent and thicker hit. Bongs made of glass are non-toxic and quite popular among smokers despite their cost. Besides glass, they come in different materials like ceramic, silicon, wood, and plastic.

Odor-proof bags or containers

Even a non-smoker can also guess the smell of cannabis. They are just so vital to hide in a plastic package or container. For a smoker, traveling while carrying cannabis is a tricky thing. And the public, in general, is not so fond of weed odor.

You must have these odor-proof bags or containers to store your weeds or cannabis. The pungent smell of them would be sealed tight in the bag. Odor-proof bags are so practical and portable. You can find many of them in the market from different brands.

While odour-proof bags are pretty helpful, you can also use storage containers specifically for storing weeds and cannabis. These containers keep the substance fresh without adding or diluting the original smell. Using the storage container and odor-proof bags is extra safety and storage for your cannabis.


Suppose you prefer enjoying your smoking sessions using joints or hookahs. In that case, you need a grinder to smash your cannabis and weeds into small particles. You can think of a grinder as a grater.

As a smoking accessory, a grinder is typically a cylindrical container or canister with sharp teeth to twist and grind the cannabis flower into particles. As the substance becomes powder or fine particles, you get wider burn particles and stronger hits. Grinder enhances the quality of your smoking hits.

Cleaning solutions

Let’s say that you constantly use bongs or grinders, or hookahs while indulging in smoking activities. Then, how do you clean and maintain these smoking accessories after use? Do you wash and wipe them clean? If this is your way of taking care of the glass smoking accessories, you are doing it wrong.

Smoking accessories come in contact with your mouth, and the hits you take are produced in them. If any small external particles get added into the weeds, they will dilute and infect the hit. There are specific cleaning solutions to clean the glass smoking accessories to ensure a safe way of smoking. If you do not have the solution right now, you can DIY a mixture of salt and rubbing alcohol to clean your smoking tools. They prevent any build-up and clean the device of any residues.


Chillums are long glass pipes in a cylindrical shape. You store the substance at one end of the tool and inhale the smoke from the other end. The section where you keep the substance is like a spoon.

While these are the five common smoking accessories every smoker should own, the list is many. You can have a luxury collection of varieties of smoking tools.

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