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Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise in 2021

Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise in 2021

Exercising is something that many of us do regularly. Whether used as a means of destressing after a long day at the office or for keeping in shape, exercise has a plethora of benefits for both your physical and mental health.

At the same time, it can be challenging to remain motivated to exercise, particularly when mundane everyday tasks get in the way of your usual routine. If you are anything like us, the last thing you want to do after a long day of working is head to the gym.

If you have found yourself struggling to keep up with your exercise routine as of late, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed below, we have listed some of the many ways to motivate yourself to exercise in 2021.

Whether you are at a loose end entirely and need to get back to the gym or want to prevent yourself from losing motivation, we feel confident there is something of value for you here. Read on for more.

Create a Plan

It goes without saying, but it is helpful to have some sort of plan to stick to when going on a fitness journey. This gives you a sense of purpose and direction and will enable you to know where you are going when at a loss.

Creating a larger plan of action is ideal. It is also recommended to split this larger plan into smaller, more manageable chunks. Having lots of smaller goals to achieve rather than aiming at the bigger picture will keep you motivated during the more challenging moments of your fitness journey.

Not to mention, having smaller goals to monitor will make it easier to track your overall progress. This leads us to the next point.

Track Your Fitness Progress

Much like when creating an overall fitness plan, you want to ensure that you can track your progress. Doing so will keep you motivated during the more harrowing moments in life and show you the small steps you are making which contribute to the bigger picture.

Motivating yourself by keeping track of your progress is critical, but there are other ways that you can motivate yourself beyond this type of thing. Create a document that allows you to view and adapt your fitness journey while also monitoring your fitness progress.

Having the Appropriate Equipment and Clothing

Naturally, you cannot go to the gym in a pair of jeans; this would be counter-productive, and you would struggle to have the right level of movement for the gym equipment that you would be using. Making a conscious effort to have the right gym and exercise clothing will no doubt motivate you to exercise; if you look the part, you will feel the part.

Companies like Gym King provide fitness fanatics like yourself with a wide range of gym and exercise clothing, including that of men’s oversized tracksuits. Whether you intend to purchase some gym clothing to lounge in or wear while out for a run, you can get high quality men’s oversized tracksuits on their site.

Building a Support Network

It goes without saying, but it can be a somewhat isolating experience when exercising, mainly if none of your immediate friends are interested in this type of thing. That in itself is demotivating, and you could even find yourself tempted to fall off the wagon through peer influence and other things.

Building a support network of like-minded individuals is an ideal recommendation when staying motivated on your fitness journey. Find support or exercise groups in your area that will support and guide you when staying focused; suitable if you are someone who finds the idea of going to the gym daunting in some way.

You never know; you might find a whole new group of friends this way too!


While self-care is crucial in other elements of your life, you must remember to look after yourself while going on your fitness journey. Particularly if you are exercising to improve your mental health, you should make an effort to do other things beyond this to further your efforts.

If you miss a day of exercise or drink one too many pints while watching the football with your friends, remember not to beat yourself up over it! While it is essential to monitor your intake of things like this, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself a day off from your health and fitness plan.

Furthermore, practicing mindfulness and other techniques will go a long way too. If you get nervous when going to the gym, keeping yourself calm and collected is paramount.

While this piece detailed only some of the ways that you can stay motivated while on your fitness journey, we hope it has been exciting and insightful. Go forward with the knowledge that your efforts will pay off and that you will be at the peak of your fitness levels in no time!

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