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Green Adventure Festival

Green Adventure Festival

We are sprinkling a pinch of fun into the recipe for a healthier lifestyle!— so, Are you ready to have fun on a Green Adventure?

October 1st & 2nd is a time to see what it’s really like to live the way you want, without having to compromise your values or fun. You’ll find that this festival is unlike any other, with all the entertainment, food, and fun you could ever want—while keeping the space for the planet to breathe too!

It’s a festival that’s totally unique— The Green Adventure Festival is a celebration of the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

The main goal of this festival is to educate people about how their food choices affect the environment. Many people are aware of how bad our planet is getting but they don’t know what to do about it. The Green Adventure Festival aims to give attendees information about how they can help save our planet by eating healthy and being environmentally friendly.

Hence, the Green Adventure Festival is definitely worth checking out:

This festival at Las Vegas, NV promises to be an amazing weekend infused with charged facets of excitement and entertainment full of:

  • live performances by artists like DJ Desire, Ashley Red, Jimmy Century, Mariko and many others!
  • Cirque-style performers on stage presenting to the fore, thematic performances conveyed through traditional circus skills.
  • You can expect to see everything from cooking demonstrations to lectures about the benefits of eating vegan or vegetarian.
  • There will even be the opportunity to participate in various activities and win prizes!
  • The event will also feature speakers from all over the world discussing their experiences with plant-based diets for health as well as environmental reasons.
  • You’ll undoubtedly have plenty of vegan and vegetarian cuisine to go around while balancing its prime focus on lifestyle choices that align with ethical consumption practices.
  • It’s an adventure for vegans and non-vegetarians alike— so you can expect to find lots of food options, as well as tons of energy drinks and smoothies! 😉

With so many different activities at this festival, there’s something for everyone!—So if you’ve been wanting to take in some great music while exploring the city, this might just be the perfect opportunity.

The Green Adventure Festival has a lot to offer its attendees while also hoping that the attendees will get involved with conservation efforts after they leave the event. They want people to take back what they learned at this festival and start implementing these changes into their lives immediately after leaving the festive grounds!

So if you’re looking for something new for the weekend, consider heading over to Las Vegas for the Green Adventure Festival!

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