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Health and Fitness Careers for Active People

Health and Fitness Careers for Active People

Not everybody can deal with working at a desk staring at a computer all day. Thankfully, there are many careers for active people. If you’re interested in the health and fitness niche, maybe you’ll consider one of the following paths!


As well as staying active, this is a brilliant way to help people in trouble and do your bit for society. As a lifeguard, you’ll either work on the beach (soaking up the sun!) or in a leisure centre. Of course, your main role is to keep all swimmers safe. That’s why it’s advisable for you to get a certification in BLS (Basic Life Support) to make sure you’re able to react in emergency situations. However, it opens the door to management roles within the leisure industry. Also, you might enjoy the opportunity to socialise with the public.

Sports Therapist

If you’re active yourself, perhaps you can put all your knowledge to good use and become a sports therapist? This is a particularly good path for those interested in the musculoskeletal system and how the human body works. If you’ve seen both sports therapy and physiotherapy mentioned in your research, there is a slight difference between the two. For one thing, sports therapy relates to sports-related injuries and fitness while physiotherapy deals with all medical conditions and injuries. Sports therapy and rehab can include out of the box recovery routines like Pilates and Yoga. You can quickly become certified in Yoga, all you need to do is apply to learn how to become a Yoga Teacher with The House of Yoga. For Pilates certifications, consider getting certified by an online instructor or local Pilates studio that offers it.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

Of course, you could stay fit and exercise while also helping others to do the same. While personal trainers work on a one-to-one basis, fitness instructors are more likely to take a class. This is one of the most rewarding careers in the health and fitness niche because you’re helping people to achieve their goals. Whether it’s losing weight or training for a marathon, you watch as they get fitter and healthier.

In terms of the career itself, it’s worth pointing out that there are opportunities to work on a freelance basis. Rather than being employed by a fitness club, you’ll be self-employed as you move around fitness centres and run various classes. Freelance personal trainers and fitness instructors often have more flexibility (but also less security!).

Life Coach

In recent years, this is a niche that has grown considerably. Rather than just looking at health and fitness, a lifestyle coach goes one further and helps clients with their hobbies, relationships, and other areas of life. If you think you have life advice to offer, more and more people are choosing to partner with a wellness/life coach.

Again, this is another rewarding career because you help people to achieve their life goals. They get fitter, their relationships improve, and you help in every area of their life. If you choose this route, bear in mind that you may need to be available for clients at all hours of the day.

Sports Coach

Do you have experience and knowledge in a particular sport? If so, get your coaching qualifications and pass this knowledge on to the next generation. You could coach the local football team, work as a sports coach in a school, or work in any other sport. Ultimately, the qualification required depends on the sport you prefer and the level at which you wish to coach. For example, you’ll need more training for coaching adults compared to children.

Freelance Health and Sports Writer

Just because you’re an active person, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you want any of the careers above. Therefore, why not consider a writing career in the niche? Perhaps you can write guides on workouts, sports equipment reviews, or just opinion articles on sporting events?

Whether you want to become a sports coach, a personal trainer, a masseuse, or even a writer, there’s something for every active person these days!

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