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Healthcare Advancement in Recent Years


As the world deals with new viruses and diseases, the healthcare sector witnessed drastic changes in recent years.  New trends like the inclusion of AI and Machine learning are fast changing the dynamic of service delivery. They are helping the industry move forward and be prepared for the impending challenges in the future.

The global pandemic was an immense challenge for the healthcare industry. However, it soon recovered from the initial setback and geared towards taking the necessary steps. The extensive research carried out to understand the virus and the development of the vaccine on war footings show the preparedness of the healthcare sector. After taking on the big challenge of the Covid-19, it won’t be wrong to say that the healthcare industry is much prepared than it was ever before. Regarding this, recent advancements have played a significant role.

These rapid technological breakthroughs are a cue for all the stakeholders of the healthcare industry, including the patients and medical practitioners, and get to know about these advancements to adapt to these changes rapidly. So, before getting into the nitty-gritty of the recent advancements in the healthcare industry, here is what healthcare must have to reap the rewards of improved healthcare technologies.

Healthcare Needs A More Skilled Workforce

The healthcare industry is much more than doctors and surgeons. There are other medical practitioners working in different capacities steering this sector forward. During the pandemic healthcare industry witnessed a shortfall of the skilled workforce trained with new skills and abilities to work with the technologically supported patient care systems. Therefore, the industry must pay attention to its workforce, encouraging them to enroll in online skill development and degree program. Regarding this, masters in public health online no GRE programs are ideal for people already working in this field for a long time. These programs will prepare them to move ahead in their career ladder and simultaneously allow them to offer improved patient care services.

Now, let’s talk about the healthcare developments of recent years.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in healthcare service delivery is probably one of the most impactful changes in recent years. The use of AI in the early diagnosis of diseases and complex conditions has helped this sector a lot. Companies are also using AI to discover and develop new medications to treat complex medical conditions. The Healthcare industry is characterized by many repetitive tasks that occupy the time of doctors and nurses. The use of robots and AI can offer great help in areas such as dosage administration, helping them to focus on urgent tasks.

  • Enhanced interest in Genomics

Genomics is about studying the entire genome of a human. Genome is the complete DNA of a human, including the genes and how various genes interact with one and other and shape the traits and behavior of humans. In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the study of genomes which has helped in the improved and more efficient diagnosis of the diseases and their ultimate cure. You can also check genomic dna isolation for better diagnosis.

  • Growth Of Artificial Organs

People need organs transplants for one reason or the other in different parts of the world. The only possible option to save such patients is an organ transplant taken from another human being. There are two options: either look for a perfect match or take it from someone who has lost their life. In either case, the emotional toll is enormous. Medical science of already taken cognizance of this situation and has expended considerable resources in the form of time and money to grow artificial organs.

  • Prevalence Of Functional MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Functional MRI or FMRI have made it possible to read minds. The function of the traditional MRI was to enable doctors and scientists to see the brain from inside. With this technological breakthrough, now it is possible to see what the brain is doing. The application of fMRI will improve the service delivery involving the brain. For instance, now doctors can see the blood circulation in the brain, the changes taking place inside, and the level of oxygen. It will considerably help in the identification of complex medical issues and evidence-based diagnosis of disease. Now they can see what is causing a certain anomaly in the brain the parts involved.

  • More Efficient Cardiovascular Treatment

In the past, heart disease proved fatal in more cases than there were cured ones. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science, it has successfully reduced the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular problems. Now more patients can be saved from a blockade in the heart with an on-time medical treatment using t-PA, which is the genetic engineering of the tissue called plasminogen activator.

Similarly, plagues in the arteries are being removed with the help of stunts put into the artery. And bypass surgery is efficiently used to remove the damaged artery. The mortality rate of the bypass survey is extremely low. According to a report, only two to three-person people die due to their heart bypass operation, which is medically considered a low fatality rate.

  • Efficient Procedures To Attack Cancerous Tumor

The new technology has made it possible to attack cancerous and non-cancerous tumors more efficiently with the new cyberknife. This procedure has opened up new vistas of possibilities for critically patients dealing with tumors. This procedure is a combination of robotics and imaging to kill the tumors without any invasive procedures. Instead, it uses high-intensity radiations to kill harmful cells. Cyberknife does not include incision and has less downtime after surgery. Other benefits include the little possibility of infection and more effective results than traditional methods of treating tumors.

Undoubtedly, the world deals with strange and novel diseases these days, and COVID-19 is a recent example. However, medical science is also not taking any rest. For decades scientists have been working to innovate the medical procedure to improve service delivery and find better cures. The breakthroughs you see in the 21st century have taken years of experimentation and research before they are used. The research and technological advancements take time before they can be integrated into the healthcare industry. However, similar to the mentioned above, scientists will continue to improve the healthcare industry. Therefore, the coming years may witness more development in technological application in the healthcare industry.

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