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Here are the examples of top Smart pills

Here are the examples of top Smart pills

In this nonstop 24*7 working world. No, one gets the time to sleep for a total of 8-9 hours, which the doctor advises us to sleep. Some, of us, work night shifts, some in-morning shifts, and some in-evening shifts. This has harmed our sleep-wake cycle. This leads to people sleeping on the night shift sleeping during their work. Some people sleep all night, but then also their stress levels are high on waking up. Many children are not able to concentrate on a particular topic for long period, lose in memorizing power. Such conditions force people to depend on smart pills like waklert, modvigil, artvigil from

Smart pills or generally called smart drugs are the drugs that deal with the disorder of neurons in the brain. The deficiency of neurotransmitters can lead to several disturbing disorders like a disturbed sleeping cycle, deficiency of sleep, or sleepiness during working hours.

Taking for reference, narcolepsy is one type of physical state, where the affected person suffers with excess sleeping. This leads him to sleep in the daytime while working and remaining asleep all night.

Another disorder is sleep apnea, which refers to the condition where breathing stops and starts alternatively.

Besides being used for sleeping disorders, some smart pills are used as memory boosters, often recommended by brands and doctors for improving concentration and enhancing the creativity of students. In this blog, we shall learn about some of the most used smart pills.


Waklert is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. The energetic and reactive ingredient in the drug is Armodafinil. There’s the whole biology behind the working of armodafinil. The problem begins with the neurotransmitters and abnormal functioning of hypocretin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep, and maintaining the sleep-wake cycle.

Waklert is approved by the FDA and is a legal drug. So, you will only get these drugs only from authorized online or offline stores. Buying Waklert may be hazardous, as you may get some cheap substitutes for Armodafinil. It may cause unwanted side-effects.

Working mechanism

When the drugs dissolve in the bloodstream. The hypocretin responsible for regulating sleep is secreted from the hypothalamus. Narcolepsy is caused due to low secretion of hypocretin. This causes the sleep-wake cycle to break. Resulting in the person sleeping in all day despite getting a night of adequate sleep.

Or sometimes in sleep apnea, the breathing is disturbed due to high levels of cholesterol and diabetes mellitus, which causes breathing issues. Hence the person snores loudly and after sleep, he/she remains tired.

Armodafinil on mixing with the bloodstream facilitates the production and secretion of hypocretin which helps in keeping the person awake. Waklert is a member of the class, wake-promoting agents.

Storage Conditions

  • Waklert is easily storable at room temperatures
  • Temperatures ranging from 15oC to 35oC are perfectly alright.


  • Take 1 pill a day, or 1 pill before your shift starts to remain woke, or as directed by the physician.
  • If unfortunately, you’ve missed your medicine for the day. Don’t take try to make up for today on tomorrow and have double the dosage. Excess of armodafinil can seriously damage your livers and kidneys.


  • 50 MG
  • 100 MG
  • 150 MG

Besides Waklert, Arrowmeds also has other products with armodafinil as the reactive compound, like modvigil and artvigil.

Possible Solutions

Technological development, urbanization, and globalization have brought much good to us. But with it has brought equal harm to us. Our grandfathers and peoples of older generations would have never heard of disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, memory loss, or loss of concentration. But we the people of the 21st century have developed multiple gadgets but our mechanics have failed and are degrading day by day.

Non-uniform sleeping patterns, loss of physical activity, immediate change in sleeping patterns are considered some of the main reasons for narcolepsy. But other than narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Smart pills are also related to the issue of memory power and thinking capabilities. In other words, memory doping. Certain smart pills are supposed to increase one’s memorizing power. But ethically this may not be considered a good move, because then that child has an advantage over other normal children. Just like athletes are checked whether they are doped or not. And if found doped, they are immediately expelled from the tournament.

This is a topic that is debatable in the public domain. That’s the reason that in some countries, smart pills are not allowed to be sold. Many students fall into the trap of brands, promising that their product will improve their memory power, help in increasing IQ. These claims may be true to some extent, but some of them are fake. They scam the students and parents. One should remember that no brand will never and can never make you an Einstein or Newton in a day or a week or month – the thing that creates difference is your hard work and your passion for the work you are pursuing.

But it’s true that memorizing power and thinking skills depend on the number of neurons in our brain. As we cannot increase the no. of neurons but can increase their size, which also facilitates in polishing the memorizing capacity. But in a competition, it’s an unfair practice.

But there are some pills like Waklert, Modvigil, and artvigil from which are licensed and approved by the government and regulating agencies for sale.

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