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How Athleisure Is Continuously Rising in Fashion

How Athleisure Is Continuously Rising in Fashion

The rise of active fashion wear in recent years has gradually defined the streetwear scene. Athletic wear or athleisure combines functionality, minimalism, and comfort. It has played a vital role in bringing back sportswear in today’s fashion and has paved the way towards a more comfort-oriented mindset when it comes to casual wear. Today people can even go to work in sneakers rather than the traditional leather oxfords or high-heeled shoes.

Active fashion wear has also proven itself to be more inclusive when it comes to different kinds of consumers. Because of its association with the health, wellness movement, and body positivity, the development of athleisure is clearly far from over and is bound to grow further in the years to come. Athleisure redefines modern sportswear since it provides both comfort and an instant type of elevated casual wear.

The Evolution of Athleisure

Back in the 1980s, the athletic physique was embodied by many iconic names in dance and aerobics. Fitness videos and workout routines displayed different types of active fashion wear. This phenomenon started a new appreciation for athleisure and athletic wear that was even embraced outside of the gym.

When big retail companies saw the marketability of active fashion wear, they began to create fashion collections to cater to the rise in demand. Of course, over the years both technology and fashion have evolved. The quality of active fashion wear has drastically been enhanced thanks to synthetic types of textile. This allowed for better performance and gave athletes fewer restrictions when it came to mobility.

In recent years, athleisure even gained more traction when celebrities and Hollywood icons began representing different companies that specialize in active fashion wear. Social media has also played a major part when it comes to marketing and pioneering different kinds of athleisure trends. Today, many celebrities have even started their own fashion lines dedicated to athleisure, inclusivity, and body positivity.

Social media also became a major platform for many influencers to market athleisure products by showing relatability through their everyday lives. They have started trends that display different types of athletic fashion wear coordinated with non-athletic apparel. This, in turn, has given athleisure a more versatile and inclusive role in different fashion subgenres.

Athleisure and Inclusivity

Athleisure companies today are promoting a more inclusive and body-positive message to many consumers. This is one of the many reasons why many active fashion wear companies today are well-loved and received by a larger demographic compared to other fashion subgenres.

They have also learned how to innovate in terms of marketing strategies and product designs. More and more companies today are releasing more size-inclusive collections which are opposed to the limited size range that has been common in the fashion industry.

Modern active fashion wear is also now more inclusive when it comes to different colorways. They have created more selections to cater to consumers with different skin tones and fashion preferences. Today, athleisure is estimated to be around 250 billion USD and is expected to continue growing in the future.

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