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 How can CBD Help You Overcome Mental Trauma?

 How can CBD Help You Overcome Mental Trauma?


Mental health is the key to sustain steadiness in the cycle of life. However, unlike physical health, mental health is still not awarded the concentration it requires. Any kind of mental trauma can be overwhelming in your life. Further, suicide, momentous mental disorders, chronic depression, etc., are some of the atrocious aftereffects of mental trauma.

Though traditionally, there are improbable techniques to alleviate the ghost of mental trauma, there are often substantial side effects. Well, koi CBD available here and has attained attractiveness in recent times due to the speckled health benefits associated with it. This article will help you comprehend how hemp-infused products can help you triumph over your mental trauma.

What is the buzz all about in today’s era?

Cannabidiol, i.e., CBD, has garnered the entire buzz in recent years. It is the second most vigorous ingredient of the cannabis plant and is a reservoir of exceptional therapeutic qualities. The market is full of various cannabinoid products like a vaporizer, Goli Gummies, capsule, candies, cream, ointment, oil, etc. CBD is one of the most prosperous industries anticipated to grow at astounding rates in the coming years. Moreover, the market is around USD 2.8 billion in 2020.

Along with the extraordinary remedial qualities, the quintessence factor with it is the lack of psychoactive elements. There is a widespread notion attached to the cannabis plant that it makes you feel ‘high.’

It principally is because of the most energetic constituent of the cannabis plant, i.e., THC, which also contains the psychoactive elements which make you feel ‘high.’ On the other hand, CBD is a neat compound with minimal or no psychoactive components. Thus all you have is the therapeutic benefits that are pleasurable in proper senses.

Mental Trauma- A Statistical Outlook

Mental trauma is one of those disorders that can, in due course, break you down and influence your mind’s capabilities to function, normally and regularly. The reasons behind it are many, like any stressful event, any mishap, which makes your mind defenseless both sensitively and psychologically. Further, over time it may become demanding to control these susceptibility caused in mind due to any such event.

However, if you are facing any mental trauma, you are not alone. Around 8 million adults have PTSD annually in the U.S., and  264 million people suffer from depression globally. In the U.S. alone, approximately 40 million adults are suffering from anxiety issues, and only 39.6% receive proper treatment, highlighting that mental ordeal in most cases does not receive apposite therapeutic attention.

Role of CBD in Overcoming Mental Trauma

1.     Reacting with Receptors

CBD can be termed a miraculous compound because of its competence to react with various human body systems and accomplish noteworthy results without causing much damage. The body’s endocannabinoid system is accountable for different imperative functions like metabolism, immune system response, the individual’s mood, pain, etc. This system has two primary receptors, i.e., CB1 and CB2.

Cannabinoid plays its part in the body by reacting with these receptors and other essential receptors like 5-HT1ARs or serotonin receptors, which play an indispensable role in regulating an individual’s mood. In cases of mental trauma, owing to stress, anxiety, etc., there generally happens a disruption in the number of endocannabinoids. It aims at restoring the natural balance of the endocannabinoid system by ensuring adequate production of such cannabinoids. It also provides a comforting and relaxing experience by reacting with the GABA receptors and thus helps you triumph over your mental trauma in a gentle and relaxed manner.

2.     The Research Findings

Various studies highlight the crucial role which CBD plays in helping you prevail over your psychological trauma. In 2019, a survey of existing literature indicated that it could facilitate post-traumatic stress disorders. Studies also reveal that instantaneous consumption after a disturbing event can assist as it would diminish the chances of the brain forming memories of that event that may appreciably haunt you. Further, owing to the interplay with receptors responsible for anxiety and memory in the human body, CBD can be crucial in alleviating PTSD conditions.

 How can CBD Help You Overcome Mental Trauma?

Studies also show that it plays a crucial role in dealing with anxiety issues and sleep disorders. Around 80% of the subjects involved in the study exhibited improvement in anxiety and sleep issues right in the first month. A study involving almost 400 adults proved to be beneficial in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms.

Further, cannabinoid tends to function similarly to anti-depressant medicines and reacts with the serotonin receptors in the body. It is a fast-acting anti-depressant and has comparatively very few side effects than traditional anti-depressant medicines.

Mental trauma might affect your sleep, and it is a fact that lack of good sleep is a host to many other health problems. It can also increase your mental trauma as the body cannot get the desired and necessary rest. CBD helps you in this forefront. Research in 2019 reveals that a 25 mg dosage of a lightly flavored CBD and CBN oil for sleep helped almost 67% of the subjects of study in experiencing a good and relaxed sleeping experience. It also tends to lower the cortisol level in the human body, a hormone responsible for wakefulness. Further, it alleviates cortisol levels at night and increases the chances of understanding a good sleep.

Identifying the Correct Product

CBD comes in varied forms like tincture, oil, balm, cream, candies, etc. Moreover, WHO has validated the fact that it is safe to use. It is basically of three types-

  1. Full Spectrum- It contains all phytochemicals found in the cannabis plant, along with THC.
  2. Broad Spectrum contains all phytochemicals found in the cannabis plant but lacks any trace of THC.
  3. CBD Isolate- It is the purest form and contains only CBD.

Full-spectrum products are to supply a better therapeutic effect owing to the entourage effect phenomenon. However, if THC is a problem for you, Broad spectrum products can benefit all other compounds without THC. Studies also reveal that a combination of CBD with THC can be beneficial in treating PTSD symptoms.

While purchasing a hemp-infused product, you must think about the superiority of the product, brand, and reputation, a constituent it offers, third-party lab testing reports to check the efficacy of their claims, type of hemp used, etc.


While mental trauma is a common but devastating medical condition, CBD comes as a magical solution to deal with psychological trauma and dramatically fewer side effects than traditional medicines to cure mental trauma. Further, it offers excellent convenience and comes in various forms. Thus, making it easier for you to intake in varied ways. Additionally, it can significantly help you overcome your mental trauma with great ease and fewer side effects.

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