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How Can You Improve Your Immunity?

How Can You Improve Your Immunity

People consider a strong immunity system as a good sign of health and a weak one as an illness. But that’s definitely not the case. The immune system is more complex than you think. It’s not about weak or strong – Too strong an immune system will kill you while a weak one will let you die.

Now you’ll be asking: “then what will be the optimal levels?” The point is to just ‘maintain’ not ‘boost’ your immune system. The definition of strong varies from person to person. It isn’t hard to improve your immunity. It can be done easily by following these tips.

Don’t Just Trust Products with Label ‘Boost Immunity’

Firstly most people think using x product will increase my immune system, but for safety, I’ll recommend you to don’t just blindly trust products with a label on ‘boost immunity’. Most pharma companies use these labels on almost every product they manufacture, it’s worthless. Instead of relying on products; try natural remedies like exercising or taking proper sleep.

It takes time to improve your immune system. It won’t be fixed in one night. Just give your body some time and you’ll start seeing changes in your body.

Proper sleep

Having proper sleep and drinking enough water will show you drastic changes in your body. Just try to relax and change your sleeping habits that include late-night awakenings. Change your sleeping environment if you’re facing difficulty while sleeping. It will be one step closer to your goal.

How Can You Improve Your Immunity?

Normally doctors recommend relaxation techniques like ’yoga’ or ’Tai chi’. Choosing one depends on which one suits you. Exercise will increase effect response and will decrease internal swelling caused by germs.


Stress decreases white blood cells and red blood cells. According to the article about difference between RBC and WBC on; these are 2 types of cell protecting our body from outside germs or bacteria. The common cold is the best example.

How Can You Improve Your Immunity?

– A report by American Psychological Association

The best advice anyone can give you is to just avoid stress triggers like some toxic peoples. Try to engage yourself with work you like. Also, try to practice time management skills so you can understand which things need more priority.

More important than this is to set achievable goals that will help you improve day by day. You can’t control everything, but using these techniques will help you progress.


Smoking is latterly a powerhouse of diseases, it harms every body organ including your immune system. In a cigarette, thousands of chemicals can make your immune system crash in weeks.

You’ll start to face vitamin C deficiency, and you’ll start to have a long-lasting illness that includes pneumonia or flu.

Essential Vitamin You Need

Start taking essential vitamins like vitamin C (it’s in strawberries), vitamin D (it’s in milk, fishes), and vitamin D (it’s in almonds, peanut butter, and oils like sunflower)

There are other vitamins too like zinc (yogurt and cooked beans), iron (chicken and tuna fish), and folic acid (it’s in enrich rice, bread, and pasta). Try different foods instead of relying on medicines.

Sit Back and Don’t Do Anything about It

In some cases, doing nothing will also help like I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog that every human body is different and requires time for betterment, using different medicines or vitamins won’t just magically fix you.

How Can You Improve Your Immunity?

Follow this guide to stay happy. You need to focus on other things too like exercise, stress triggers, or your diet. You need to insert these into your lifestyle and then you’ll start seeing long last effects… Some people go hard on themselves and cause more harm than good. Schedule everything from diet to exercise and be positive about it.


Diet and exercise are two natural cures that every doctor recommends. Using enrich vitamin foods and doing some basic exercise will help you reduce your weakness and prevent you from seasonal flues and illness.

And try to reduce your alcohol and sugar consumption that also causes some serious issues. Fasting is also a good step – when you do fasting your body starts to kill old white blood cells (WBC) and redeveloping new ones.

What are your thoughts about these points? Do you follow any? What effects did you notice? Leave your results down below we’ll love to know.

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