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How long not to get tired behind the wheel: 7 life hacks

How long not to get tired behind the wheel

On a long journey, there is not only romance but also danger. The main one is fatigue. Our experience will make your journey safer. Spoiler: even experienced auto travelers will learn something new.

 Both those who love long trips and those who are not happy with them strive to cover more distance in one day. The first – to prolong your pleasure, the second – so that everything ends as soon as possible. Even if you use the best Lamborghini car rental Dubai or the coolest SUV, from the phenomenal rental provider with great rental service, and experience the ultimate rental car driving pleasure. But sooner or later, fatigue covers everyone, but its arrival can be delayed by preparing in advance.

Convenient schedule

There are “larks”, there are “owls”, and they are comfortable at different times of the day. Before a long journey, it is better to get a good night’s sleep, no matter what category you belong to. 

“Owls” can sleep until lunch and start at the height of the day. The “lark” should shift the departure to the earliest possible hour but also go to the lodging for the night earlier than the others.

Both of them are more comfortable riding in the summer. When daylight is long, we all feel more cheerful. But in winter it is worth guessing the maximum part of the route for daylight hours.

Serviceable car

All sorts of troubles and manifestations of discomfort distract, unnerve and, ultimately, prematurely deplete the body’s resources.

If something goes wrong, you will constantly listen, worry, stop more often to check. If the air conditioner does not work, in summer you will get tired faster from the heat and wind noise through the open window, etc.

Сomfortable fit

It is extremely important in maintaining cheerfulness. Here are some basic tips on how to get comfortable behind the wheel:

  • Adjustment: you should be as comfortable as possible behind the wheel.
  • Headrest: the upper part should be at the level of the back of the head.
  • Hands: should be comfortable to keep hands on the handlebars with a straight back.
  • Shoulders: should not be leaning forward.
  • Back: in the correct position, straight and leaning against the seat.
  • Support: try not to lean on the armrest, but keep your hands on the steering wheel.

If your seat is not designed for long journeys, you can slightly improve it with pillows, a lumbar roll, capes, or covers.

Proper rest

To get a boost of energy for several hours, it is enough to take a nap for 15–30 minutes in a reclined chair right on the side of the road (not forgetting, of course, about traffic rules and safety measures). During stops along the way, you can wash your face or do a short exercise to tone up.

Even if your car has a large gas tank and low fuel consumption, make mandatory stops every 2-3 hours. You will lose a minuscule amount of time, but a little movement will refresh you.

Safe food

You have to be careful with food. A hearty breakfast will not hurt, but on the road, a hearty lunch or dinner will quickly make you sleepy. It is better to exercise moderation or snack a little while driving. Although, of course, such advice cannot be called healthy. But if you decide to stay in catering, do not forget about the quality of the food.

The stories about the fact that where there are a lot of truckers, you can eat there, are 80–90 percent true. It all depends on the route and geography.

Comfortable microclimate

This complex concept includes everything that surrounds you in the car. The air conditioner or stove must maintain a temperature that is comfortable for the driver.

We refrain from advice on musical accompaniment. It generally annoys someone and their ride in silence. Someone prefers light melodies, but from rock or “metal” they are covered with irritation and premature fatigue, etc.

The same is true with the rhythm of movement. One driver feels perfect at 80 km/h and does not overtake anyone. Another ride at the speed of truck tires.


Modern driver assistants in the car take on a lot of work. The adaptive cruise control maintains not only speed but also a safe distance. Other systems will help you stay in your lane or change lanes when there is another vehicle in the dead zone.

However, as soon as there is a desire to rely on them completely, this is a huge danger. Modern functions are not designed to work completely independently, they must be constantly monitored by a person. And if the latter relaxes too much, an accident cannot be avoided.


Following all the tips and proper route planning will allow you to drive more kilometers. Just do not need to build yourself a superman and set goals of 1500-2000 or more kilometers in one sitting. No one will appreciate it, and the chances of a sad ending are very high. Take care of yourself and those around you!

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