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How N95 Masks Can Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 ?

How N95 Masks Can Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic condition, a face mask is the most common topic of debate. Many Government officials and Health care professionals were saying healthy people should not wear the mask.

Health care professionals were trying their best to make people safe as far as possible. Healthy people should only wear a mask whenever going to hospitals or visiting anyone suspected of the virus.

After a few months  The World Health Organization recommends people wear a face mask. Also, they say now the N95 mask is mandatory for people out of home. It will protect in the transmission of the virus.

Three Categories of Mask Present in the Market :

How N95 Masks Can Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

  • Tight-Fit mask: It is known as the N95 mask, which helps filter both smaller particles or larger particles, droplets, and other air contaminants.
  • Loose- Fit mask: It is known as the surgical mask, which helps filter out bigger particles, and it is also fluid resistant.
  • Cloth Mask: A cloth mask is based on the material from which it is made. It gives legal protection to your body.

The N95 mask is tightly fitted with a single-use mask, which helps filter 95% of air particles from the environment. It is useful for both aerosols and airborne droplets.

A surgical mask or a medical mask is a loose-fitting single-use mask made from synthetic material with two or more layers. It gives protection for large particles but not for aerosols.

Cloth masks or fabric masks are homemade masks that are cheap and washable. It is easy to decontaminate and gives protection from aerosols.

Research says all three types of masks are useful for wearing. Maintain social distancing, maintain hygiene and keep your eye distance from the virus.

The report says the N95 mask provides 96% protection, whereas the surgical mask gives 67% protection to your body.

In this uncertain situation, wearing a mask is not only the solution. No mask gives you 100% protection from aerosols. People need to do work from home and avoid going to crowded places. These things will stop the transmission of the virus by not wearing a trendy mask.

It is highly recommended to save N95 masks primarily for health care professionals. It is more protective than another mask. It will help them while treating covid patients or for other things.

There are many factors like the number of layers in the N95 mask and the mask’s material.

The World Health Organization said that a cloth mask should contain three layers –

  • Inner layer: The layer is made from cotton. It is made from absorbent materials.
  • Outer Layer: The layer should be water-resistant. It is made from polyester.
  • Middle Layer: It acted as a filter and is made from both water-resistant and absorbent material.

How to not wear a N95 Mask?

How N95 Masks Can Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Just wearing a mask is not sufficient. If your mask is not worn correctly, then there is no use in wearing the mask.

Here are few things-

  • Mask should wear adequately. It would be best if you did not uncover your mouth and face.
  • The mask should be cozy, so there will create no gaps in your mask around the nose.
  • Mask does not contain any valve.
  • Do not touch the mask.
  • Clean your hands before touching your masks.
  • After removing, put your mask directly in the paper bag. and instantly discard them.

Steps to Discard the mask :

Wearing the mask is easy, but discarding the mask can be a risk.

If the mask is not discarded correctly, it can cause severe disease.

Here are Few Steps – 

  • Remove your mask when it is difficult to breathe or contaminated by nasal fluid or blood.
  • After removing the mask, immediately put the mask in a paper bag or plastic bag. and close it properly.
  • Then throw in the dustbin. Never leave the used mask open because it may contaminate the other things around it.
  • After removing, first, wash your hands for 20seconds, then wear another mask or touch anything.
  • In a cloth mask, it can wash with soap and water, and it can also sundry.

Conclusion :

In this pandemic situation, the mask is the only solution for us. Wearing a mask, maintain physical distance, not shaking hands are some quick tips to avoid getting. Contaminated by the virus. If you don’t have N95, you can wear another mask. Wearing no mask is better than wearing a mask. It doesn’t matter how much protection it is giving to you. It will provide a shield of protection. Cloth masks are better for general purposes, not for medical purposes. It is not affected as N95 for medical purposes. N95 masks should be preserved for the health care professional as they need more than us. And best protection is staying at home avoiding crowded places. Eat healthily, Do work from home!

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