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How Strong Is Vanuatu’s Passport?

Every country’s passport value matters a lot. It shows where your country stands in the world. Also, many countries in the world don’t have the strongest passports, so the people of that country go through many hurdles while applying for another country, mostly getting rejected. But, at the same time, the country whose passport holds the most robust place among other countries’ passports always has a chance to go to any country. 

Moreover, most countries don’t ask for a visa for the residents of those countries citizens who hold the strongest passports, and if you want to know the worth of a vanuatu passport, this article how strong is vanuatu’s passport will help you out.

Vanuatu passport place on passport ranking index:

There are 195 countries in the world, and almost every country has its passports; vanuatu’s passport stands at 41st place according to the passport ranking index. 41st out of 195 is a good rank, and you can consider this passport a strong one among other countries’ passports.

Many countries that allow vanuatu visa holders in their country without a visa:

Ninety-seven countries are visa-free for vanuatu passport holders. Meanwhile, vanuatu visa on arrival countries and one eta destination. Vanuatu passport holders can enter around 134 countries without a permit. That shows the place this passport holds.

Name of countries that allow vanuatu passport holders in their countries without a visa:

A total of 132 countries allows vanuatu passport holders to enter their country without a visa. Some of them get mentioned below.

Netherlands, Austria, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Columbia, France, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Latvia, Liberia, Macao, Micronesia, Norway, Samoa, Portugal, Philippines, south Korea, Solomon Islands, Zimbabwe, Zambia, united kingdom, Uganda, Tuvalu, Tanzania, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, saint Lucia, Pitcairn island, Papua new guinea, Mauritius, Malawi, and many other countries.

The world considers it the strongest passport:

The world considers the vanuatu passport the strongest because of many reasons. Especially those who love to travel because this passport holder can visit more than 132 countries without visa requirements. Also, apart from traveling, vanuatu has many qualities, and that’s another reason for the power of its passport.

Vanuatu citizenship:

If anyone’s looking to get the vanuatu citizenship, then yes, it’s possible because vanuatu citizenship can happen through investment. This program got launched in 2017. Moreover, there are many benefits to having vanuatu citizenship. Such as visa-free travel to 132 countries, no tax on capital gains, wealth, inheritance, and dual citizenship. 


  • Why vanuatu passport is the strongest one?

Vanuatu passport is the strongest among many keys because the vanuatu passport holders can visit more than 132 countries worldwide. Also, all these countries don’t require a visa for vanuatu passport holders.

  • What is the vanuatu passport ranked among all the other countries’ passports?

Vanuatu passport ranked 41 among all the 195 countries’ passports. The rank says the value and power of the vanuatu passport. Also, it is indeed the more vital passport. 

  • What are the most famous countries vanuatu passport holders can visit without a visa?

There are many, many countries that vanuatu passport holders can visit. Such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, Maldives, Mauritius, Kuwait, Switzerland, and many others.


Now you know all the reasons behind the popularity and most potent of the vanuatu passport. The number of cities a vanuatu passport holder can visit without a visa shows how strong is vanuatu passport and why it ranked 41st among 195 countries’ passports. Also, it’s one of the best passports for those who love to travel to different countries without getting themselves into a visa procedure. 


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