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How To Create a Travel Youtube Channel: Shooting and Editing?

Creating a YouTube channel can be easy as it sounds, but creating a YouTube channel that will attract new viewers and improve its presence online goes beyond random ideas on YouTube promotion ads you see online. The process takes time, and that is why you need some guidance not for the creation but also for video editing and uploading your clips. With that being said, let’s roll the tape and help you achieve that dream of owning a better and more dependable channel online.


Just like any other film production or a label record, no matter the size, it’s great and wise to always prepare well before embarking on any project. Preparation helps you be read or optimistic since this is not just like any other channel; it involves some movement, travels, hike, and many more to let you know shooting. At the same time, traveling is complicated, and the possibilities of failing are higher, and the only way out is to prepare all your tools on time. So, even though this is just a YouTube vlog, I recommend you conduct pre-production before anything else.


The second thing is researching your trips and terrains; it will be easy and straightforward to assess the daily weather before going out to shoot your clips. Find out the following things;

  • What is the weather and day like/
  • How safe is your new destination, and this should be done before you start your trip, not assessing them when you are on-site?
  • The history and context of your new destination is important when it comes to YouTube promotion and channel presence online.
  • Places to eat and sleep during the production and editing

Location Scout

On a typical application, you can’t physically do the location assessment before visiting the actual place; however, some YouTube promotion services have special tools that can help you with location scouting. But before you enroll in some channel promotion services, you can utilize Google Earth and many more tools that can show what the place looks like in real-time. You can also read on forums and message boards and find more about what other people or vloggers are saying about the destination on another channel. And just like a business, you need to cover some places that people have never seen before, giving your channel the best chance to pick up faster.

Tips on how to write a Travel script

The essence of any travel vlog is that it’s somehow spontaneous and happens when you travel not planned. Like any other adventure, hike, or road trip, you cannot predict and know precisely what is going to happen on the way, and if you can predict, your trip is boring, or you’ve been to the same place more than ten times. So when taking your pictures and videos, give your viewers that new view, something they don’t expect or have never seen. However, I still think it is wise to have a written script or paper that will give you some reference and understanding of what you should cover and how you should cover the whole vlog.

You may also wish to write some general overview of your story or critical moments you should concentrate on when on your trip. For instance, ‘I might want to tell the familiar tale of navigating Hawaii’s subway system or roads. This will introduce your viewers to not only that watching mood but also the need to meet the Hawaii road systems.

How to Edit a travel video?

The whole editing procedure involves a series of stages, and be keen here not to hit the backspace in your PC. The first step is to offload and backup the procedure, which helps you to have a backup just in case you lose or delete some picture by mistake. The next stage is to organize your footage, and each event should at least give your viewers time to watch and interact with nature and your video. You can also use your script and organize your clips according to your liking or your channel requirements.

Final Word

Editing your videos can be a bit tricky, and if you feel like you have no idea, you can hire someone or consider looking for a YouTube channel promotion service to help you customize your videos to your client’s or viewers’ needs and taste.

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