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How to Pick the Best Pair of Earrings That Suit Your Face Shape

How to Pick the Best Pair of Earrings That Suit Your Face Shape

Undoubtedly we try to match our earrings with the outfit we wear as well the occasion. But do you know more than anything else, matching the gold earrings with the shape of your face is of utmost importance? The right pair of earrings is just enough to brighten up your overall monotonous look. No matter where you go, the first thing someone notices about you is the earrings. It instantly attracts the attention of people, and the perfect danglers will help you highlight the features of your face. So how do you know what earrings will suit your face? For that you should know the shape of your face, so here’s a know-all guide to help you.

1. Round Face Type: Overall your face has a circular look, with the cheeks being the widest part of your face. The length from forehead to the tip of your nose, and from the tip of your nose to the chin is the same. Round face people should opt for earrings that add an illusion of length to their face. So long chandelier earrings, or shoulder-duster earrings, or even the drop earring models should be your choice. You can explore the trendiest collection of gold earrings online at Melorra. You can check here earrings of different styles that are designed specifically for daily wear.

2. Oval Face Type:  Oval face type is the most common among women. Here women have slightly broader foreheads when compared to the chin. The cheekbones are highlighted, however, the chin has a more rounded look. Oval face-type women can carry any sort of earrings, they are the luckiest! The most suitable are the teardrops of pearls and medium-length tassel earrings. Avoid using very long earrings because they may add an elongated oval look.

3. Heart Shape Face Type: This typical face type resembles the shape of the heart, where the forehead is very wide, and the face drastically narrows down to towards the chin. It is sometimes even compared to the shape of a triangle. Earrings that have a broader or wider base should be your staple. You can also try the hoops that hang down through a hook. Avoid wearing studs or even slim drop earrings, because it may make your face look even wider at the cheekbone level. Struggling to find gold earrings that match your face type? Visit this page of Melorra brand and check out their latest addition to the gold earrings section that is sure to present a plethora of options.

4. Square Face Type: This face type people have a strong squarish jawline. The width of your jawline and your forehead is almost proportionate. You should choose earrings that will balance this characteristic of your face, so round hoops are the perfect match. You can experiment with the size of hoops, and the trending oversized hoops will also take away the focus from your square jawline, adding more softness to the facial feature.

No matter whatever shape your face is, whatever you wear, you should be confident to carry it off, that’s the mantra to look effortlessly stunning.

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