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How to Travel Safely with Expensive Medications?

How to Travel Safely with Expensive Medications?

Traveling is fun. Either you are on a business tour or traveling with family, traveling is a great way to strengthen the bond of harmony and love with your loved ones. However, this traveling can turn out to be a big fuss if proper precautions are not taken, and necessary arrangements are not made.

Most of the time, you have to take prescribed medications and drugs with you, especially when traveling with your grandparents or kids. While traveling with expensive medicines, you have to take additional safety measures to ensure that the prescribed drugs reach safely at the final destination.

This guide will share a few tips that you must consider while traveling with expensive medications. Following these tips will allow you to travel safely with these costly medications and ensure that the medicines reach safely at the designated destination.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started by exploring the tips and tricks to keep expensive medications safe while traveling.

5 Tips to Travel Safely with Expensive Medications

Here are a few tips on traveling safely with expensive medications.

1.   Arrange Proper Storage

Storing the medications is an essential part of ensuring the safety of the medicines while traveling. It is necessary to store the drugs in a cool and dry place. Hence, whenever you keep the medications in your car, make sure that they are placed in insulin coolers or portable fridges. These insulin coolers and portable fridges keep the drugs cool for around 72 hours. Ensure that the coolers you choose are TSA (Transportation Security Administration)-approved for traveling worldwide.

How to Travel Safely with Expensive Medications?

2.   Carry the Written Prescription

Whenever you travel with expensive medications or doctor’s prescribed drugs, make sure that you carry the written prescriptions with dosage from your doctor. A medical prescription will legally allow you to carry these medications with you. You can show the written prescription as proof if anyone inquires about the reason for bringing the medicines.

Furthermore, the written prescriptions also allow you to walk into a pharmacy and get the exact medication or a close version of that particular medicine.

However, some countries won’t accept a foreign prescription; however, they will provide an over-the-counter version available in their country.

3.   Adjust Your Dosage Schedule while Travelling

While traveling, you have to be extra careful regarding taking the medicines and maintaining a proper dosage schedule. There are many chances that you will have to adjust your medication schedule to make up for the time differences. So, you must consult your doctor regarding adjusting the dosages schedule and act upon the suggestions provided by the doctor. That’s how you will be able to obtain optimum results from the medications, especially during traveling.

4.   Make Sure You Manage Enough Supply

While carrying medications while traveling, make sure you have enough doses that last for the entire trip. Instead, take extra doses because there are chances of the trip getting prolonged. Also, there are possible chances that you may not find the exact prescribed medication while traveling or at a new place. Hence, if you are habitual of taking any over-the-counter medicines, make sure you carry enough of them with you.

You can talk to your doctor if the insurance provider is not issuing extra doses to you. The doctor will speak to the insurance company and request them to issue additional doses.

5.   Don’t Carry Illegal Drugs.

Each country or locality has its own rules, regulations, and policies regarding medications and drugs. There might be certain types of drugs that are illegal in some countries. For example, you cannot carry amphetamines to Japan even if you have a prescription with you.

So, you must research the country’s rules and regulations regarding the prohibited drugs and avoid carrying drugs prohibited by that country.

Final Words

Traveling is fun, but when you travel with expensive medications, you have to be extra careful to ensure that your medications reach the destination safely. Ensure that you keep the prescribed drugs away from direct sunlight and store them in insulin coolers and portable fridges while traveling. That’s how the medications will stay safe, and you won’t experience any fuss while traveling with your loved ones.

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