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Instagram Round Edges Download

instagram round edges download

Instagram, by design, features squared images in its grid view. However, with the increasing need for uniqueness and personal branding, many creators are looking for ways to diversify their Instagram feed with rounded images. There are multiple ways to achieve this, from using apps to software like Photoshop or even Instagram’s built-in editing tools.

Best apps for adding round edges to Instagram images

Several third-party apps cater to Instagram photo editing needs, with features that allow users to add rounded edges:

  1. Canva: This is a graphic design platform that offers a wide range of customizing options, including rounding off the edges of pictures.
  2. PicsArt: Besides various photo editing features, it provides shape masks that can be used to achieve rounded edges.
  3. Instasize: Specifically built for Instagram, it allows users to add borders and change their shape.

Where can I find Instagram templates with rounded edges?

Many platforms, such as Canva, Adobe Spark, and Fotor, offer customizable Instagram templates with rounded edges. They come in various designs and can be edited to match your brand’s aesthetics.

  1. Canva:
    • Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that offers a vast range of customizable Instagram templates. You can search specifically for rounded-edge templates or modify any template to incorporate rounded edges.
  2. Crello:
    • Crello is similar to Canva and provides a plethora of design templates for various social media platforms, including Instagram. You can adapt these templates to feature rounded corners as you see fit.
  3. Adobe Spark:
    • Adobe Spark offers customizable Instagram templates and allows users to adjust shapes and borders, including rounding corners.

What are the benefits of using rounded corners on Instagram pictures?

Rounded corners can give your posts a unique and refreshing look. They can:

Enhance aesthetics: Round-edged images have a softer and more polished look.

Stand out: In a sea of squared images, round edges can make your post grab attention.

Create brand consistency: If used consistently, it can become a signature style for your brand.

  1. Softens the Image:
    • Rounded corners can make an image feel softer and less rigid than sharp-edged photos. This can introduce a more approachable, friendlier vibe to your content.
  2. Easier on the Eyes:
    • Rounded shapes are often perceived as being more pleasing and comfortable to the eyes. Sharp corners can sometimes come off as aggressive or jarring.
  3. Consistency with Digital Design Trends:
    • Many digital interfaces, including apps and websites, have transitioned towards rounded corners (think buttons, cards, and modals). Using rounded corners can make your content feel more in sync with contemporary digital design aesthetics.

How to make my Instagram posts stand out with rounded borders?

Consistency is key. Ensure that all your posts follow a specific theme with a common color palette, filter, or style. Rounded borders can add that extra element to make your images pop.

  1. Consistency is Key:
    • Maintain a consistent border style (color, thickness) across your posts to create a unified and professional look.
    • Use the same degree of rounding for all your images so that there’s a cohesive feel across your feed.
  2. Play with Border Colors:
    • Instead of always using a white or black border, experiment with colors that match or contrast with the primary tones in your photo.
    • For instance, use pastel borders for soft-themed pictures or vibrant colors for dynamic, energetic posts.
  3. Use Shadows and Layers:
    • Add a subtle drop shadow to your rounded images to give them depth and make them pop against the Instagram white background.
    • Layering images with text or other graphical elements can also create a more dynamic and three-dimensional look.
  4. Complementary Design Elements:
    • Incorporate other design elements like gradients, patterns, or textures within the border itself.
    • Ensure these design elements don’t overwhelm the main content but instead enhance its appeal.

Can I customize the border thickness of rounded edges on Instagram?

Using third-party apps like Canva or PicsArt, you can adjust the border radius, thus customizing the border thickness.

  1. Canva:
    • Upload your photo to Canva.
    • Select “Elements” and then choose “Shapes” to pick a square or rectangle.
    • Adjust the shape to cover your photo.
    • Using the border adjustment setting, increase the border width to your liking.
    • Finally, adjust the rounded corner setting to achieve your desired effect.
  2. Adobe Photoshop:
    • Open your image in Photoshop.
    • Use the “Rounded Rectangle” tool. Set the radius for the desired roundness.
    • To adjust the border thickness, modify the “Stroke” settings in the options bar at the top.

Are there online tutorials for adding round edges to Instagram pics?

Absolutely. Platforms like YouTube, Udemy, and Skillshare have tutorials dedicated to this and other Instagram editing techniques.

  1. YouTube: The largest video platform has countless tutorials on almost every subject, including photo editing.
    • Search terms like “How to add rounded corners to Instagram photos” or “Instagram photo round edges tutorial.”
    • Many digital creators and photo editing enthusiasts frequently upload step-by-step guides using different tools and apps.
  2. Udemy: While primarily known for its comprehensive courses, Udemy does offer lessons on specific topics.
    • There might be broader courses on Instagram aesthetics or photo editing which cover adding rounded edges as one of the lessons.
  3. Skillshare: This platform offers numerous courses on photo editing, design, and Instagram aesthetics.
    • Look for courses or lessons specific to Instagram photo editing.
  4. Blogs: Many photography and design bloggers provide written tutorials with screenshots.
    • Platforms like Medium, personal blogs, or photography websites may have articles that walk you through the process.
    • Search for terms like “Rounded corners Instagram photo guide” or “Step-by-step guide to round edges on Instagram pics.”

How do rounded corners enhance the overall look of Instagram graphics?

Rounded corners can add a modern, sleek, and soft touch to your graphics. They can make your feed look curated and can reduce the sharpness typically associated with square images.

  1. Softened Appearance: Sharp, square edges can sometimes give a graphic a rigid or formal look. Rounded corners can provide a softer, friendlier appearance which can make the content feel more approachable and less aggressive.
  2. Visual Distinction: With the majority of content on Instagram using the platform’s default square format, graphics with rounded corners can stand out, capturing more attention and distinguishing a brand or individual from others.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing: From a design perspective, rounded corners can be perceived as more contemporary and in line with modern digital design trends. This can evoke feelings of innovation and forward-thinking.
  4. Harmony with Other Design Elements: Many UI/UX designs in apps, websites, and software have adopted rounded corners (e.g., app icons, and buttons). Using rounded graphics on Instagram can create a sense of harmony and consistency with other digital platforms and experiences.

Is there a way to add rounded frames to existing Instagram photos?

Yes. Tools like Canva, Instasize, and PicsArt allow you to import existing photos and customize them, including adding rounded frames.

  1. Instagram Story: While not for your feed, Instagram Stories has a feature to add rounded edges. When you upload a photo to your story, you can use the drawing tool or sticker options to overlay shapes and create a rounded edge appearance.
  2. Third-party Apps:
    • Canva: It’s a user-friendly design app where you can import your existing photos and use the “Rounded corners” slider to adjust the corner radius.
    • PicsArt: When you upload an image, you can apply a shape mask, which includes various rounded shapes.
    • Instasize: Primarily for Instagram, it lets you add rounded borders easily.
    • Photo Editor by Aviary: This app has a specific feature for rounding the corners of your photos.
  3. Desktop Software:
    • Adobe Photoshop: One of the most comprehensive photo editing tools, Photoshop allows for detailed customization, including rounding the corners of an image using the Rounded Rectangle Tool or through masking techniques.
    • GIMP: This free software also offers tools to round the corners of images.
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