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Is Chewing Gum Good During Workout?

Is Chewing Gum Good During Workout?

Like any other thing, certain things are also associated with bodybuilding workouts. Some of these are facts, and some are just myths. One of the most common myths/facts in the gym world is chewing gum during workouts. You must have seen bodybuilders chewing gum while lifting weights or doing cardio. If that is the case, you must have wondered why they are doing so? Is it because of a mere habit, or does chewing gum during the workout have some benefits?

From a bodybuilder‘s perspective, chewing gum during a workout have some benefits. However, there goes a debate on whether it is a proven fact or a myth. To cut it short, chewing gum during a workout is nothing more than a placebo effect. There is no scientific explanation proving that chewing gum is effective during workouts.

Many experts outside the fitness world believe that chewing gum during a workout can be extremely dangerous and could be life-threatening. So let us explore both ends of the spectrum and debunk whether gum chewing is effective during workouts or not by using logical reasoning.

Gum Chewing Benefits That Are Just Myth

If you ask a gym-goer why they chew the gym during working out, they will list numerous benefits. However, those are nothing more than a placebo effect. Here are some benefits of gum chewing that are just myths.

  • It Increases Focus!

One of the reasons why gym goers chew gum while working out is because they believe they will have a better focus. While some evidence suggests that chewing gum increases your focus, it is not true for working out. According to the studies, gum-chewing aids your visual memory tasks. If you are chewing gum and studying, your focus will be improved. However, if you are doing squats or pushups and chewing gum, it will have zero to little effect.

  • It Shapes Your Jawline!

Another reason people chew on gum, especially during workouts, is the jawline shape. There is no such evidence that suggests this. If it were true, obese people must have the most streamlined/defined jaws. Yes, chewing improves the muscle strength in your jaws, but it does not make your jaw slim or anything.

  • It Improves Breathing!

Almost every gym-goer who chews gum believes that they have a more balanced breathing pattern if they chew gum during a workout. Again, there is no evidence to back this fact. In fact, according to a study, when we chew, our breathing gets disrupted. While it may not improve your breathing, it will undoubtedly increase the risk of choking.

Benefits of Gum Chewing that Have Some Effect!

If you have a habit of chewing gum during a workout, it might not be completely useless. Some benefits of chewing gum may be really helpful for you, including:

  • Hydration:

When lifting weights or doing workouts, chewing gum can keep your mouth moist and hydrated. It relieves the thirst, and it is backed by research.

  • Appetite Control:

One of the most effective and proven benefits of chewing gum during the workout is reducing snacking. It gives you the feeling of fullness and is very effective for the cutting phase.

  • Prevents Teeth Grinding:

Intense workouts take a toll on your jaw and teeth. However, if you want to prevent teeth grinding during your workouts and keep your jaw & teeth relaxed, then chewing gum is very effective.

  • Reduce Stress and Nausea:

Chewing gum during a workout boosts your brain function and reduces your stress levels. Also, it is very effective to reduce nausea caused by high-intensity workouts.

  • Decrease Acid Reflux:

Another benefit of gum chewing is that it reduces your acid reflux.

  • Jaw & Neck Muscle Relaxation:

Chewing gum would keep your muscles relaxed for those who experience stiff neck and jaw muscles during a workout.

Chewing Gum and Weight Loss!

“Can I lose weight while chewing gum during workouts?” – is one of the most asked questions! While there is no evidence that it is effective, there’s a study that relates chewing gum to weight loss. According to a study presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, Austria, and published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science by sports scientist Yuka Hamada, of Waseda University, in Japan, chewing gum during walking can help you lose weight. The study claims that if a person chews gum all day for a whole year, they can lose 11 pounds!

Final Takeaways!

While you may not want to chew gum during workouts, we suggest chewing gum when walking! Nothing concrete could suggest that chewing gum is good or bad during the workout. However, if you choose to chew gum when working out, you must be careful. Also, it is best to use non-sweetened gum.

What is your take on chewing gum during the workout? Do you find it effective, or is it just a myth for you? 

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