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It is okay if you think of an old laboratory and yourself with fuzzy hair in that dark laboratory, mixing all types of fluorescent chemicals and boiling stuff.

However, do not let it intimidate you. Learning how to make vape juice has many benefits – It is relatively cheaper and way less burdening than getting your vape pens refilled every time you run out. Making them yourself also gives you complete freedom, a great opportunity to try all the unique flavors that you wished to have while vaping – all by yourself. It can range anywhere from using your favorite coffee infusion to using vanilla flavorings. It is highly customizable to have more of your favorite vaping elements while getting rid of the ones you are not the greatest fan of to make your delicious blend.

So we have gotten a perfect guide for you to try one more tactic to make your vaping experience more flexible and tasty. Feel proud about your unique blend, name and lavish them as you want.


Enlisting the ingredients will help you figure out what you need to get from your next grocery trip. We have tried to make them as easily accessible, affordable, and easy as we could to ease your path the way down.

The main ingredients are preferred proportions of glycols for your base liquid, nicotine, and flavor concentrate.

VEGETABLE GLYCOL(VG) – A thick fluid that gives heaviness to your clouds and adds a pleasant, lightly sweet flavor that you can use very well to couple with your flavorings. It creates large and heavy clouds while vaping your vape juice.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG) – A thinner, less viscous fluid that carries the flavor and nicotine when you pop your vape on and inhale. High levels of this may be irritating, and they give a very sharp pang at the back of the throat if the PG/VG proportions are off.

NICOTINE – It is optional, and you can skip this one if you want to make a nicotine-less vape juice. You can play around with solutions, salts, shots, and other forms of nicotine. Its strength is the most important.

FLAVORING ELEMENT – There are a lot of flavoring suspensions available online that you can try. To make your infusion, you can mix your flavoring element, expose it to some heat, filter out the crude stuff and filter it to make sure you get a transparent liquid without any particles, or it may give you a burnt taste while vaping.

Let us say we want a matcha flavoring-

  • Add a teaspoon of your matcha powder to 15-25ml of PG in a bowl.
  • Mix well and then you can either microwave or keep the bowl in a pan of hot water. It ensures that the flavor has seeped into the PG enough, giving a taste even after you have filtered it.
  • Filter it through some good filter paper, or you may end up with its threads in your suspension.
  • You can collect the filtered flavoring and mix 10-20% of it with other ingredients depending on how strong it is to make your vape juice!

Make sure you get an idea of your flavoring and balance its tastes accordingly for the best results!


Bottles and Measuring containers: To store your extra flavoring extract, preserve your mix of base liquid and keep your precious vape juice.

Using measuring containers will make your job super easy; you can also note how much you use to reproduce your legendary vape juice again.

Syringes: These help you easily transfer things and measure out the volumes of your ingredients. It is super important to figure how much to add after what to add, or your results may turn out lopsided if you just go around and about it.

Gloves -Nicotine is harmful, both if you inhale it too much or let it come in direct contact with your skin. So while you are transferring your ingredient into your juice storage bottle, make sure that you take precautionary measures.

A weighing machine -To mark all the grams of your content well, it will be super easy for you to measure things out with this. Some users also get creative and use marked cooking equipment or just the marks on the syringes to calculate their stuff out.

To figure out your proportions and concentrations, you can use one of the many calculators online. If you do not have pipettes or such accurate tools for measurement, you can count your drops and go accordingly.

Note these calculations as you will need them while mixing later. You can also save your recipes on the site.



Making your vape juice, fun as it is, can take an unexpected turn.

Considering the best and worst-case scenarios, we have included some tips and tricks that are super helpful to use during your journey. These will also help you ensure that you can enjoy the end product and decrease the chance of failure.

The proportions of VG and PG range from 50/50, 70/30, and 80/20. You can choose any from the middle of these ranges – considering your body’s threshold.


We would like to recommend you using a nip tip that you can drip your juice easily from after mixing our ingredients into a fantastic blend and letting it rest before you get a taste of it.

Use amounts of all ingredients from the calculations you made.

  1. Add your nicotine into the bottle with a syringe, make sure there are no bubbles, and your volume is accurate.
  2. Trickle the VG and PG base liquid in the bottle
  3. Add your flavoring and make sure it is below 20% at most so that it is not overpowering.
  4. Cap and mix the bottle well, use all the layers and mix to get a perfectly blended liquid.
  5. To develop the taste and mellow out the loud flavor, steeping – resting your bottle unscrewed or entirely open for a couple of days helps make your vape juice more delicious.
  6. There you go! Label the bottle with a unique name and enjoy your art!


Synthesize your own quirky, unique vape juice with this straightforward guide and bring variations, flexibility, and endless customization to your vaping experience. Then, discard the hassle and heavy spendings by refilling with your DIY vape juice.

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