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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Half the population of men are currently facing erectile dysfunction and only about 30% of the cases are reported. Majority of them assume it to be shameful to discuss it with the doctor. And also few people may suspect the age and consider it common. But once you start experiencing erectile dysfunction it is advised to visit a doctor to get treated.

What is meant by erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, abbreviated as ED, refers to the difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection that is suitable for fulfilling sexual intercourse. In no less than a quarter of instances, the penis either fails to achieve adequate rigidity or becomes firm but loses firmness prematurely.

What are the possible causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are various factors that can lead to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. At times, it can be as straightforward as being a side effect of a specific medication. Additionally, job-related stress, issues within relationships, or feelings of depression can also contribute to the development of ED.

However, for approximately 75% of men experiencing ED, the underlying cause tends to be more intricate. Erectile dysfunction can stem from conditions like vascular disease, neurological disorders, diabetes, or treatments and surgeries related to the prostate.

Frequently, the primary contributor to ED is inadequate blood flow to the penis, often due to the presence of blocked arteries (atherosclerosis). In fact, in up to 30% of men who consult their doctors about ED, this condition serves as the initial indication of an underlying cardiovascular disease. Reach out to the best urologist in Coimbatore, if you notice any changes in your sexual health.

The link between overall health and sexual awareness:

To achieve the best possible sexual function, it’s essential to maintain an understanding of your body’s functioning and its responses to your lifestyle choices—such as your dietary habits, level of physical activity, stress management, and other factors.

Regrettably, the reality is that a significant number of us tend to overlook body awareness until an issue arises, such as a heart attack or a muscle strain. In the case of certain men, heightened body awareness might not kick in until they observe indications of erectile dysfunction.

Men are not aware of the fact that their sexual health can also reduce as they age. If a person is not aware of these changes, it can be embarrassing and also confusing. Making certain changes to day-to-day life can bring positive changes in sexual health.

What are the 5 lifestyle habits to improve erectile dysfunction?

  1. Build an active lifestyle:

Inadequate vascular health stands out as a leading factor behind erectile dysfunction (ED), and enhancing this aspect can be effectively achieved through physical activity. Remarkably, a study highlighted that engaging in a mere 30-minute daily walk can lower the likelihood of experiencing ED by as much as 41%.

  1. Clear your mind off the stress:

Concerning erectile dysfunction (ED), heightened stress levels frequently give rise to anxiety, triggering a fight-or-flight response that induces alterations in both your physiology and brain functioning. In this stressed state, certain hormones are suppressed, while others (primarily cortisol) are heightened, exerting a significant influence on your capacity to attain and sustain an erection.

Given these considerations, it’s highly advisable to explore means of mitigating stress, which can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. Simple practices such as engaging in physical exercise, disconnecting from distressing news sources, and mastering relaxation techniques like deep breathing can greatly contribute to stress reduction. Consult a best urology hospital in Coimbatore to get the right guidance to improve your sexual health.

  1. Eat your food right:

In the context of individuals dealing with diabetes, even momentary surges in blood sugar translate into heightened levels of ROS, a factor you’re now aware can compromise your nitric oxide levels. Opting for appropriate food options enables you to steer clear of these fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Even if diabetes isn’t a concern, incorporating healthier selections into your eating regimen should form an integral aspect of your strategy for enhancing your sexual function.

  1. Quit smoking:

Quitting smoking is a highly beneficial step for your overall well-being, and particularly for your sexual health. By discontinuing smoking, you reduce the negative influence that ROS has on the generation of nitric oxide within your body.

When you choose to quit smoking, your nitric oxide levels emerge victorious once more.

  1. Lose the extra weight:

Excess weight, particularly when it ventures into obesity territory, stands as a primary catalyst for erectile dysfunction (ED). Shedding those extra pounds offers a multitude of health benefits, and we can now include improved sexual health in this extensive array. Weight not only negatively impacts your cardiovascular well-being but also disrupts hormonal equilibrium.

To quantify the issue, men with larger waistlines face heightened susceptibility to the problem.

What is the link between nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction?

A healthy erection entirely depends on well-functioning blood circulation. When an erection occurs, blood is directed into the penile tissue, causing the penis to become firm.

Within your body, a molecule known as nitric oxide assumes a pivotal role by maintaining your blood vessels in a relaxed and dilated state, optimizing the efficiency of blood flow. This mechanism is vital in facilitating enhanced blood circulation to the penis during an erection.

Important Takeaway:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) impacts a significant number of males, particularly as they advance in age. The causes are diverse, and a medical professional can assist in determining the underlying reason for erectile dysfunction. This could involve conducting tests to identify potential underlying health issues.

Furthermore, they can assist in devising an appropriate treatment strategy. Incorporating physical exercise alongside a well-rounded and nutritious diet will not only aid in sustaining your general health and wellness but can also play a role in fostering a satisfying sexual life.

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