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Matcha: From a Meditation Drink to a Global Trend

You are probably already familiar with such an amazing drink as Matcha. Now it can be easily found in cafes and restaurants. The social network is overloaded with photos of this beverage. From different angles of a camera and with various backgrounds on the pictures of Matcha, it looks like a worthy drink to try. And there is no wonder this Japanese drink gained so much popularity among many countries in such a short time because it has so many benefits and is frequently mentioned in 100% Free Essay Examples. And sometimes, those benefits can out beat some coffee characteristics.

How does Matcha differ from coffee? And is there any difference at all?

It is a well-known fact that coffee is the number one morning drink that brings you energy and joy for the whole day. You can grind beans right before brewing them to get the richest and most flavorful beverage. Or a shot of espresso in your latte will do so much good in the early hours of a sleepy morning. When the drink is ready, pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy it. The hot, comforting drink remains the classic morning beverage for many years.

But what is Matcha? And why is it called a meditation drink?

Firstly, it came from Asia, where Eastern meditation is widely practiced. Secondly, the story of bringing the seeds of a tea plant has its spiritual connection. It happened around the 12th century when a monk traveled from Japan to China. After spending some time in another country and using Zen in his lifestyle, he decided to bring the seeds back to his country. He discovered a lot of benefits for health and body when drinking this beverage. It has a positive effect and helps to find the balance within one’s inner self. The drink contains natural compounds that generate calming and relaxing states. Everything that is achieved with the help of Buddist Zen practices can be easily evoked by drinking this great beverage.

There is a plant called Camellia sinensis, which is used for the production of green tea. Whole green tea leaves are processed specially. It provides the drink with a unique taste and quality. And you will find no resemblance of it. Green tea may remind you of Matcha a little, but not completely. When making tea, those leaves need to undergo a special grounding procedure to reach the powder texture. This powder can serve many purposes, from cooking a hot drink to creating seasonings for various dishes.To get to know about all the extensive use of matcha, check Examples Of Free Writing Essays where everything is described in detail. 

Why Is Matcha so Trendy Today? 

Almost everybody heard about how beneficial this drink can be. But not all of you are familiar with the certain kinds of advantages the beverage will provide you with. No matter how often you consume the drink, you will derive the most of it once in a while or every day, even from a single cup. And it won’t be just a pleasure.

The best helper in losing weight

If you find it hard to lose weight and struggle with it for a long time, then Matcha is here to the rescue! Many studies have shown that green tea, including Matcha, can cope very well with weight loss. It stimulates the fat-burning process. You have to put no effort into controlling your appetite since Matcha can do it for you. Just enjoy your cup of tea!

The best provider of antioxidants

The level of antioxidant substances is very high in Matcha tea. It helps to deal with cancer in the body and prevents cancer-related diseases. Why are antioxidants important? They deal with free radicals that can cause a lot of harm to your cells. As a consequence, if it’s not prevented, chronic diseases may take over the body.

The best helper for your mental performance

It’s already proven that Matcha, along with any green tea, helps to boost your brain. It positively affects your memory because it makes you more focused, concentrated, and attentive. There is a wrong concept about making people smarter when drinking a lot of this beverage. Of course, it won’t happen unless you put some effort into your personal development yourself. However, it works well as a stimulant and a helper for better brain functioning.

The easiest to prepare

There is no doubt that Match is one of the easiest drinks to make. You don’t have to buy or use any special equipment and machines. All you need is a filter and milk frother, which are so available and simple in exploitation. Matcha is recommended to cook with hot water since the heat doesn’t destroy all beneficial nutrients in this drink. So there is no need to control the temperature in this case. Just grab your favorite mug, use the Matcha powder, and here you go! Take your time to meditate and enjoy the healthiest and most delicious drinks in the world.

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