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N95 and KN95 Masks – What’s the Difference?

N95 and KN95 Masks - What's the Difference

The Centre for Disease and Control Prevention suggests everyone wear a mask when in public after this covid-19 pandemic. In this challenging time, we all should do our part with honesty to slow down the transmission. Wearing the mask can slow down the transmission of the virus. It is also beneficial for those who are suspected but don’t know because of non-symptomatic infection. It protects you and others too.

How to Prevent from Virus?

It is essential to wear a mask when going out. The coronavirus is a Respiratory virus spread by inhaling the droplets or aerosols released from an infected person. These droplets can land on the surface, which further we can touch it by our hands and then with the same hands we will touch our face, the virus will infect us.

So it means wearing a face mask can prevent you from getting contaminated by a virus, but you have to wash your hands regularly to avoid getting infected. These two things are primary prevention from the virus.

Wearing hand gloves, a face mask, and glasses can also prevent infection. Keep your hands away from your face, not touch your face again and again, and keep you away from viruses. If you do not have hand glo0ves, keep using hand sanitizer before eating and touching your face.

These are the key measures to stop the spreading of the novel coronavirus and getting affected.

Now Question is which mask to wear? N95 or KN95 mask?

So Here are Some Differences Between KN95 and N95 Mask –

The KN95 mask is a protective mask designed for industrial purposes. Now in this pandemic situation, KN95 masks are used to protect from viruses. It provides 95% filter protection from the airborne particles present in the environment. KN95 meets the standard of China government as the mask originates from china. KN95 Mask does not meet U.S standards. So, it is a drawback of the KN95 mask. But it doesn’t mean the mask is useless if it does not match the standards of the U.S. Later the Food Drug administration approved KN95 for general purposes. It is more resistant and easy to breathe than others.

The N95  mask is a protective face mask that meets NIOSH’s standards ( National Institute for Occupational safety and health. N95 is manufactured in such a way to reduce the 95% of airborne particles in the workplace from chemicals, vapors, dust, and other sources. These chemicals can enter your body, especially the lungs, by breathing and can cause severe disease.

So, It’s better to wear a mask.

 Two significant difference between N95 and KN95 is –

  1. Exhalation Resistant: KN95 provides more air resistance than N95. It provides easy breathing.
  2. Leak Percentage: KN95 mask allows the user to wear a mask for a longer time as it provides 8% of leakage protection. Both masks provide almost the same leakage protection. You can choose according to your convenience.

Counterfeit Test for KN95 mask :

Wearing a mask but don’t know either it is original or fake. And is it providing any safety or filtration as the original one does?

 Here are quick steps to test spurious of mask:

  • While wearing a mask, if you can blow the flame or candle, your mask is not approved. It is a spurious mask.
  • Secondly, If you are wearing the mask and smell a pungent smell or any lousy odor, you are not wearing an original mask. It is a counterfeit.
  • Third, If you pour water in your mask and it leaks a lot, the same thing is not original. It is a spurious mask.

Always see before purchasing the mask. The spelling of the brand name and Number of the mask. Also, look at the packaging of the mask. You can again enter the Number of masks on the internet and check the details.

Choose wisely!

Conclusion :

Both masks are good in their fields, and for the purpose, it is designed. Both the KN95 mask and N95 mask provide the same protection and filtration. The difference is about their approval: one is from china standards, and the other is from the U.S standard. Still, the government says the N95 mask is more effective than the KN95 mask for viral infection. More importantly, N95 should preserve healthcare for professionals. and KN95 masks are approved for non-health care workers or general people. Wearing a mask is essential. It’s better to wear something than nothing.

Ans in the listing of mask KN95 mask is above than surgical mask and other cloth masks. The most important thing is to choose a mask wisely because if you already have allergies like asthma and other respiratory diseases, it is challenging to wear a mask for you.So choose according to your need and health.

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