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Product Liability Basics: When to Consult a Defective Product Attorney

Product Liability Basics: When to Consult a Defective Product Attorney

We get it.

You’re mad.

The product that you bought isn’t working. You spent a significant amount of money on it and now can’t get it to work. What’s more, the product’s failure to work correctly may have now actually cost you more money!

Your reaction is natural. You’re angry, and you want to sue the manufacturer for every penny they’ve got.

But help from a defective product attorney is expensive. And legal battles are cumbersome, to say the least. Is it really a good idea to pursue legal action against the manufacturer?

If you’re trying to figure out the answer to that question, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about when to consult a defective product liability attorney.

A Defect Truly Exists

First and foremost, before you can think about moving forward with legal action against the manufacturer, you must first verify whether or not a defect truly exists. Just because the product doesn’t work at first try doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s defective.

Firstly, you will need to prove to yourself that it wasn’t just a user error (a.k.a. you not knowing how to use it). Peruse the instructions that came with the product to ensure that you are using it as intended.

Next, you should have some inkling of exactly what in the product isn’t working as intended. This will allow you to be a lot more specific when you consult a defective product lawyer, which in turn will allow them to give you an informed opinion as to whether or not you should pursue a legal case.

You Sustained Damages

The next indicator that you should pursue legal action against a manufacturer is that you sustained damages. There are two ways that you may have sustained damages from the product.

Number one, if the product was defective, and its lack of functionality prevented you from doing something important, then the net worth of what you were not able to do could qualify as damages.

Secondly, if the product actually caused harm (for instance, injured you while you used it), then that is another type of damages that could also qualify for compensation in a legal battle.

The Manufacturer Was Negligent

Last but not least, it’s time to consult an attorney if the manufacturer was obviously negligent. If they didn’t include a warning notice on a dangerous product, if they failed to make it right with a refund, or if they failed to fulfill their duties as a manufacturer in any other way, then you may have a valid legal case. Bring it to Sweet Lawyers.

Know When to Consult a Defective Product Attorney

There you have it. Equipped with this guide, you should now be far better informed as to when you should consult a defective product attorney.

If you’re looking for more legal articles to help you through your defective product situation, you’re in the right place! Be sure to check out the rest of the articles on the website before you leave!

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