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Restore your dentition with dental implants Leicester!

It is estimated that roughly three-quarters of Uk residents do not have a full set of their own natural teeth. This has been caused by tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene,certain medications including treatments and accidents. For many decades bridges and dentures were the only effective solution. Over the past decades dental scientists have been employing technology to improve a procedure developed in the nineteen fifties. Replacing lost teeth by studying how our teeth naturally work was the ambition of the nineteen fifties dental pioneer. Fast forward to  the twenty first century and this dental clinic has replaced the lost teeth of many patients with dental implants Leicester..

A modern treatment for a twenty-first century dental patient.

We are surrounded by technology and the way that we communicate is now more visual. This has made dental patients increasingly more  aware of how important their aesthetic appearance is to express their character. Fortunately dental science has kept pace with progress. This dynamic dental clinic stays up to date by attending training and seminars. This allows them to be able to provide the best current treatment using the latest techniques and skills.


They also stay up to date with the latest equipment and utilise software that has been specifically developed for dental implants. The software used to arrive at a diagnosis and to create the  treatment plan provides a smooth transition ensuring that your procedure is successful. They use computer aided equipment to locate your implant in precisely the right place in your jawbone. This makes sure that your new crown is exactly aligned with your natural teeth, so that you can chew properly.

A perfected procedure

This clinic not only performs dental implants but also trains other dentists. Once you have decided to proceed with the treatment, they will create your treatment plan so that you know how the procedure will progress. They will make a small cut in your gum to expose the jawbone. They will then drill a hole into your gum guided by the software in the precise location in your jawbone where your natural tooth was before. The experienced team will then carefully screw a titanium post, which will act as the root for your crown, into the hole. In some cases there may not be insufficient density in your jawbone where they need to drill. In that case they will need to perform a bone graft to increase the bone density. After a period of healing you will be ready for the fitting of an abutment which provides the support for the crown. Your crown will be created to match the shape and colour of your existing natural teeth.

Back to normal

Recovery once your final implant procedure has been completed is on average around five days. If you have had numerous implants the period may be between one to two weeks. You will then be able to enjoy your new teeth which will work in the same way as your natural ones. Oral hygiene procedures of regular brushing twice a week, flossing and six monthly dentist visits are the same as for your natural teeth. You can now confidently continue your twenty-first century life!

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