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Reviewing NOSH EMR

Reviewing NOSH EMR

NOSH, or New Open Source Health, ChartingSystem is an open-supply clinic and document management platform. Its simple but customizable technique lets physicians organize their practice exactly as they like. It allows for scheduling, patient recording, charting, communications, messaging, supply control, and more. A timeline showcases patient care encounters in an intuitive, chronological order.

A modest Github community provides some support, both for consumer questions and expanding capability with the aid of coding. It is self-hosted, with four login sorts for companies, assistants, billers, and patients. Integrations with mediators for faxing and e-prescribing are held for a fee.

Benefits and Insights

Free and Open Source

Practices can save money by not spending on their practice management software and becoming a member of a community of like-minded practitioners for assistance and cooperation. The system’s Github repository permits customers to hook up with coders and colleagues to assist make the software useful.


The usefulness of the software expands and shapes what the practice desires. Its open-supply nature allows the machine to be altered to its core, or users can utilize prebuilt customization functions and third-party integrations.

Integrated Practice Management

Practices can manipulate schedules, patients, patient facts, stock, financials, and greater from one unified platform. Integrations for import/export, notifications, tailorable patient records, and patient messaging help physicians, assistants, billers, or even patients live organized.

Practice-Specific Records and Charts

Customizable patient facts and charts suggest practices see what they want to, how they need to, dashing up and optimizing remedy. A malleable presentation of patient statistics shall allow physicians to tailor reports in a way they may be comfortable with and in-intensity as they choose.

Custom Logins

Four login types allow the platform to be used by absolutely everyone applicable to practice: provider, assistant, biller, and patient. Each has specific modules and functionalities to permit productiveness without compromising the safety or integrity of statistics or data.

NOSH EMR Features

Medical Charts

Charts are in-depth, along with demographics, energetic issues, medicinal drugs, supplements, beyond encounters, and greater. It has an inner document creating and managing tool that cooperates with the patient portal and an automated reminder and alert mechanism.

Medical Records

Customizable reports in information permit for greater accuracy and relevant reports into encounters. Physicians can tailor the history of infection, physical examination, and evaluation of structures templates to meet their needs. Customized digital forms may be added and completed via the patient portal and saved within the patient’s information.

Documentation and Inventory

A sturdy inventory monitoring system mechanically tallies the use of vaccines and medicines and notifies the user while substances start to run out. It incorporates deliver costing to assist in economic tracking.

Login Portals

A patient login allows them to speak with their medical doctor, prepare appointments, fill out office work and facts, and set electronic mail and SMS reminders. Other portals encompass company, biller, and assistant for precise get admission to abilities and safety.


Automatically generated reports maintain practitioners’ knowledge. These include energetic clinical troubles, delivering reports, and so on. Reports may be custom designed via custom tags or default search criteria.


As a FOSS, it allows for in-depth customization of capabilities, from modules on the dashboard to specific patient bureaucracy and documents. It permits some integrations of third-party software programs to increase its abilities.


Integration with Rcopia through Dr.First permits for prescriptions to be electronically dispatched and crammed. This integration comes at a separate cost through a enrollment.


Specific pediatric statistics include boom charts, immunizations, vaccinations, and well-child exams.


On top of in-platform patient-health practitioner messaging and e-mail/SMS notifications, faxing can be integrated via MetroFax or RingCentral for a fee. It has an enabling system for importing PDFS and exporting in PDF or C-CDA format.

Claims Management

Claims may be compiled and exported in either PDF or text documents for ease of garage or importing to a claim’s clearinghouse.


It contains 4 principal databases to use up-to-date terminology, coding, and treatments. These databases are SNOMED-CT, CPT, ICD 10, and FDA drug.

What is NOSH ChartingSystem?

  • Equal possibility: Just as the author believes that each clinical issuer desires a low-value pen to put in writing with, NOSH ChartingSystem is set giving medical providers an identical threat of having an easy-to-use, robust, global-elegance electronic health document gadget.
  • The health practitioner comes first: NOSH ChartingSystem is set in making the clinical issuer the priority of ways the machine works. It begins by designing a user interface that makes sense to them (rather than the manner an administrator, insurance employer, or biller thinks). After all, the medical issuer gives their services to the patient!
  • Paying it ahead: NOSH ChartingSystem is set as open and for sharing. One of the benefits of being open-supply is that the improvements and changes made through the years are shared with all existing customers. Participating in making NOSH ChartingSystem the first-rate electronic health report device on the earth.
  • Versatility and choice: NOSH ChartingSystem is all approximately choice. It may be installed on a variety of server structures (however the finest is Linux because of security and the value of preservation). The server may be a standalone laptop or it can be hooked up within the cloud. Once established NOSH ChartingSystem may be utilized by any laptop system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as long as there may be a community connection and an internet browser.
  • Quality: NOSH ChartingSystem is built off of quality software program components that have been used for the biggest, confirmed, and maximum dependent on net providers in the world, consisting of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. The additives the author makes use of aren’t a thriller (as most different digital fitness file structures like to make you consider in their products).

NOSH Pricing

The supplier does not submit pricing information on their internet site. Get in touch with their sales branch to acquire a customized quote.

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