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According to data, around half a million turkey people see their doctor each year for rhinoplasty. While most people have their noses redone for cosmetic reasons, some undergo rhinoplasty to correct blemishes or improve their breathing. Below you will find more information about the rhinoplasty operation in Lyon and its real benefits.


A nose job in Turkey refers to the surgery performed to change the shape of the nose performed best in Turkey. The procedure usually lasts 1 to 3 hours, depending on the desired result, and it can be performed under local or general anesthesia. In addition, it can be performed in a hospital, surgeon’s office, outpatient surgery center or private health clinic. However, a surgeon can make incisions from the outside, especially at the base of the nose. These incisions allow surgeons to reduce, reshape, augment or rearrange the bone and cartilage material that makes up the nose. Then, the surgeons reposition the skin on the newly reshaped nose. A splint is usually applied to the outside of the nose to maintain its shape, stability and to keep the airways open during healing.


If you have a misshapen or asymmetrical nose, rhinoplasty can significantly increase your self-confidence. nose job in turkey can correct the following defects:

  • A nose that is too short or too long,
  • A nose that is too wide or too narrow,
  • A nose whose tip is tilted abnormally up or down,
  • A nose with an asymmetrical appearance,
  • Pinched or flared nostrils, as well as nostrils that are too close together or too far apart,
  • A bumpy nose.

While these cosmetic issues do not interfere with a person’s ability to breathe, they can prevent a person from interacting with other people out of fear. Additionally, a person with a deformed nose would have difficulty finding employment in the modeling, film, television, or media industry. Fortunately, rhinoplasty can solve these cosmetic problems, which in turn builds self-confidence.


A nasal defect can cause serious health problems, including recurrent sinusitis, frequent nosebleeds, loud breathing and snoring, and an inability to taste or smell food properly. Deformities associated with these problems can be caused by nasal trauma (injury) or be present at birth. In some cases, diseases like Wegner’s disease, allergic fungal sinusitis, relapsing polychondritis, and sarcoidosis can also lead to changes in the structure of the nose. Therefore, people suffering from these conditions should see a doctor as soon as possible. In fact, it is recommended that you see an otolaryngologist (ENT) within 7-10 days of a nose injury. If you don’t,


It is estimated that millions of people suffer from chronic nasal congestion which can be corrected through nasal surgery. Unfortunately, this type of respiratory problem does not respond well to conventional treatments. This is because a virus, allergy, or nasal defect can be the cause of a stuffy nose. For example, a twisted septum (partition between the nostrils) could interfere with the proper functioning of your airways. The overgrowth of nasal passages is also a common cause of chronic nasal congestion. In such cases, an otolaryngologist can dilate the nasal passages or correct structural deformities to make breathing easier.


Although rarely identified, aging is a common cause of blocked nasal passages. This problem occurs when certain tissues and bones in the body weaken and fall under the influence of gravity. Thus, the nasal passages are prone to sag inward and obstruct the flow of air. When this happens, some older people resort to the use of nasal strips to improve their breathing. Others suffer from restricted and noisy breathing or breathe through their mouths. Fortunately, rhinoplasty can literally help older people breathe easier. In particular, it is possible to trim sagging tissues from the nasal passage or reposition the underlying bone and cartilage structure to open up blocked airways.



The circulation of oxygen throughout the body depends on the entry of air through the nose. Thus, obstruction of the nasal passage reduces the rate of air entry, which in turn decreases the amount of oxygen available in the bloodstream. This is dangerous because it could lead to respiratory failure (occurs when the oxygen level in the lungs is low) and death, if immediate medical attention is not given. Blockage of the nasal passages can also cause carbon dioxide to build up in the body, poisoning a person from the inside. Finally, low oxygen levels can also cause hypoxemia, which is characterized by shortness of breath. Fortunately, rhinoplasty can prevent these problems.


The majority of people with blocked nasal passages do not sleep well at night. For example, they are more likely to snore and therefore disturb their bed mates / roommates. Plus, people with breathing problems usually wake up several times a night, which means they can’t get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, an experienced surgeon can perform rhinoplasty to clear the nasal passages and fix this problem.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed primarily for cosmetic reasons, but rhinoplasty can also be performed for the purpose of correcting nasal defects present at birth or caused by injury. Some of the main benefits of this surgery include increased self-confidence, improved quality of sleep, correction of chronic nasal congestion, increased energy levels, improved breathing in the elderly and the functionality of the nose. Finally, you should consult a qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon if you are planning to undergo rhinoplasty.

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