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How Do SARMs Work? The Basics Explained

How Do SARMs Work

SARMs have grown in popularity throughout the bodybuilding community for their benefits when it comes to reducing muscle waste and helping put on new muscle. But those that indulge in them rarely tell you how SARMs work or how to be taking them.

Don’t worry, we’ll answer the question, “how do SARMs work?” and more with this quick guide.

What Are SARMs?

Selective androgen receptor modulators, otherwise known as SARMs, are a borderline supplement that is used in place of steroids or pro-hormones. They are supposed to not have the same detrimental effects that come with taking either of the above. This means avoiding liver issues, hormone issues, and cardiovascular issues.

SARMs were originally created to treat a number of muscle-wasting diseases which include osteoporosis and Alzheimers. They work by specifically targeting the androgen receptors throughout the body and telling them to create more androgen hormones.

For those looking at how to take SARMs effectively, be sure to check out the link.

Different Types of SARMs

SARMs benefits come down to what SARM you are using. Though they all tend to do the same thing, they differ in potency.

Ostarine is the most basic of SARMs and is the one everyone in the fitness community typically starts out with. You should use Ostarine while on a cutting cycle, as anecdotal evidence supports that it prevents muscle loss while losing weight.

Another popular SARM is Ligandrol. Ligandrol is a lot like Ostarine, just 12 times more potent, and fewer studies are done it. While the benefits of SARMs are supposed to be that they are not harmful, this does not seem to stand true with Ligandrol.

You should be taking an anti-estrogen and a PCT for extra safety.

Supplements That Are Not SARMs But Are Similiar

There are also supplements that often get grouped with SARMs because they target specific tissues, but do not target androgen receptors. One such item is Ibutamoren.

Ibutamoren targets the growth hormone secretagogue receptor that helps regulate growth hormone and IGF-1 levels. This “pseudo-SARM” can be taken for longer periods of time, because of the nature of that it takes longer to see results. Most individuals that take this pseudo-SARM take it for three months or longer.

Another pseudo-SARM is Cardarine. Cardarine targets peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, which are in charge of regulating cellular development and metabolism. If you’re looking to take your cutting and cardio to the next level, anecdotal research says that this is the one for you.

How Do SARMs Work? SARMs Target Specific Tissues

How do SARMs work? They work by targeting androgen receptors to help with your body’s ability to produce your androgen hormones. Your androgen hormones help your body build more lean muscle.

At the end of the day, just do your research before jumping straight in.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your fitness as a male, be sure to check out the rest of the blog. If you know someone interested in SARMs, be sure to share this article with them.

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