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Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike 1

Exercise and physical activity are very important as it helps to keep us fit mentally and physically also. There are many exercise machines, such as treadmills, bicycles, and stationary bikes available on the market. But nowadays the best and the most affordable option is the Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike. Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike is the newest version of a fan bike, and it is a top favorite of fitness freaks nowadays

Schwinn offers its users a variety of options when it comes to exercise bikes and a user can choose anyone according to his budget and personal requirements. Out of all Schwinn AD2, Airdyne Bike is the best option. Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike utilizes all the benefits of the improved wind resistance technology which is necessary for a good upper and lower body workout at home

This Airdyne bike is rather tough and provides you with the toughest conditioning workouts you can get. In addition to this the machine can also provide less intense workouts. This machine does not cause much hassle and can be used at home by your family also. It is perfect for both conditioning workouts and gentle ones also which can help you to get in shape.

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike allows you to perform a full-body workout and hence this bike can support a 250 pounds user. If you need a bike for a heavier person then you can consider the other models. This Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike features a simple LCD monitor also. The monitor can easily display or show you the simple workout stats for example distance, RPM, time, speed and calories burned also.

However, this one would not show you the heart rate. When it comes to the seat of this bike then you need to know that it is not the best seat in terms of comfort. But no need to worry because you can increase the comfort level by using a gel seat cover. Moreover, if you are not satisfied yet, then you can replace the seat cover also.

This machine can easily accommodate a user with a height between 5’4’’ and 6’5’’, and the main reason behind this is the design of this bike and the adjustable seat. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will find this bike suitable because the air-resistance system is very dynamic and user-friendly. If you are in the mood of weight loss then the bike is best it improves your overall physical fitness too. Some important features include

Frame and build:

This bike has a fan-styled resistance system. The system is primarily designed to tackle and channel the wind while pedaling toward the user, and the main purpose behind this is cooling. This bike is strong and durable and it has a solid and anti-corrosive coated frame made up of steel which supports a 113 kg exercising body. The material used for the fan blade, the shroud, the drive belt coverage, and the air vent is the ABS material.

It is very safe easy to be used at home. The size is not disturbing when it comes to the space that you need for the workout or storage. When the bike is assembled then its dimensions are that it is almost 46 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 50 inches high. A bike with these dimensions simply requires an area of length of 3’9’’ and a width of 2’1’’ to be placed. For the reason of convenience, leave a little space around the bike so that you can do an easy workout.

Moreover, you need to know that this machine has a strong base, having front and rear steel stabilizer bars. It has rubber levelers which are pretty adjustable so that it can provide maximum stability even on crooked surfaces. For transportation, the front base of this bike consists of two transport wheels, which help to move the bike here and there from the original location.

It also features a footrest on either side of the fan, which allows the user to place his feet when he wants to take a rest or when he wants to do the exercise of upper body parts only. The bike has a great and easy step-thru design and that is why people of all ages, including young, old, weak, and strong will not face any issues while mounting and dismounting on this machine

The seat of the Schwinn AD2 bike:

In this bike, the seat is positioned very strategically, which means that it can be adjusted by moving it upwards and downwards also. This simply means that the seat is 2-way adjustable and has some adjustment holes that are at a distance of about 1’’. So people of various heights can use this machine with greater ease.

You can adjust within a few minutes very easily. This seat is padded by a thin layer and is 10 inches long and 8 inches wide. That is why it is somewhat uncomfortable. But another option is that you can enhance the comfort by using a gel seat cover or just as I did, you can replace it with a better bike seat of your own choice

The handlebar:

The bike is equipped with two movable handlebars. The handlebars can be used by anyone who is experienced or beginner and they have an ergonomic design. The motion of these is very smooth and is very easy to use. In addition to this, you need to know that the movement of handlebars is fixed with pedals and they both move simultaneously and synchronized to the movement of arms and legs, hence in this way they stimulate the natural body movements.

In case of longer workouts, the bike has soft rubber padding on the handles which ensures the maximum level of comfort, a firm grip, and prolonged workouts. As mentioned earlier, the bike handles do not have any heart rate sensors and the telemetry of the bike is not enabled. So it won’t show you the heart rate or pulse rate while you are doing any exercise.


When it comes to the pedals of this bike then you need to know that these are similar to those pedals that are attached to the most air-resistant upright bikes. The bikes have an anti-skid design and are also equipped with some adjustable safety straps. These safety straps make sure that your feet are in a place in a nice and secure position.

Moreover, you need to know that these pedals are connected to the aluminum alloy crank arms which support the stand-up pedaling method also. Well, but the bike is designed in such a manner that it is pretty awkward for the exercising body to do pedaling without sitting on the bike seat.

The drive:

The bike is manufactured with a single stage-drive system. In this system, there is a heavy-duty belt, pulleys, pedals, a solid crankset, and also an aluminum alloy crank-arm. It can be operated pretty easily without making any sound. The minimum sound that you will hear would be similar to a fan moving slowly.

The best part is that the machine requires no maintenance and no post lubrication or adjustment is needed in this case. But you need to keep in mind that the belt may wear out after some time and would require a replacement.

Resistance system:

The best part of this bike is that it is equipped with a dynamic and amazing infinite air resistance system. Infinite over here means that the bike does not have any predefined strongest level of resistance. Also, the resistance is dynamic because the intensity of resistance often occurs in various degrees and it depends on the fitness level of the user.

In addition to this, the intensity of the bike resistance is defined by the force that the user makes to do the pedaling. The intensity increases if you pedal hard and it decreases if you pedal slower. Hence there is no resistance knob to control this thing. The bike ca be used by people of all ages.

If you are thinking about the sound generated by this machine then you need to know that it generates less sound as compared to other machine bikes. The whoosh sound is a bit louder if you pedal very hard, but you can use it in the presence of a family member or a neighbor.

The console system:

Unlike other bikes by the same manufacturer, the console of this one is pretty basic. It lacks any kind of built-in programs or wireless connection. The bike has a console system which consists of a simple monitor LCD, that often shows some simple workout stats such as time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

The monitor does not need to be plugged into any power source or charging source because it is run by 2AA batteries. Well, the device does not allow the user, to observe any heart rate or pulse rate on the monitor because the handlebars do not have the relevant sensors for detecting this thing. The bike is also equipped with a mobile phone holder


  • It is not very expensive
  • It is a very strong and durable bike for exercise
  • Supports an exercising body of almost 250 pounds or 113 kg
  • It makes less or no noise when in operation
  • It has an infinite level of resistance and can be used by people of all ages
  • It features an LCD monitor which displays some basic workout statistics
  • It is easy to move and requires very low maintenance
  • It also includes accessories such as a cooling fan and a mobile phone holder
  • It can provide you with a full-body workout
  • Pedals are very easy to use and are comfortable, you can use the machine by using standard and simple tools.
  • The seat is adjustable and you can position it according to the height of the user


  • This machine does not show heart rate or pulse rate
  • The seat of the bike is very uncomfortable
  • It has no built-in progress
  • The bike features no online or wireless connectivity
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