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Six ways of healing your inner self without medication

Six ways of healing your inner self without medication

We hand over ourselves to the doctor when we get sick, just like bringing our broken car to the mechanic. The doctor tries to fix us, with no input from our sides, and is successful, voila! But after some time, we get sick again, and it is because we don’t treat the underlying cause.

Our body has a beautiful self-healing mechanism, ruled by the nervous system, i.e., our brain.  But did you know, stress has an unhealthy relationship with the brain? Research says that when we are in a relaxed state of mind, the nervous system directs the body to heal.

But when we are under stress, our body releases some chemicals that keep our body In a fight or flight state and does not let it heal.

So when the person treats the body as a whole, that is, the mind, body, and spirit, it is known as a holistic approach. Instead of focusing on just one condition, a holistic approach deals with various body dimensions. It believes in an individual’s overall well-being. Alternative medicine, complementary therapies, natural healthcare, etc., are the commonly used terms for a holistic approach.

It includes a wide range of practices that fall outside conventional pharmaceutical therapy. So do you want to work in a field that adds satisfaction by helping people live a healthier and happier life? You’ll feel fulfilled personally and professionally if you earn a holistic health coach certification and inspire others to adopt a more straightforward, healthier way of healing themselves internally.

As holistic treatments treat the root cause instead of symptoms, its incorporation aids conventional in various ways. Following are some easy and practical tips to heal your inner self without any medication:


  1. Meditation:

Are you dealing with any long-term illness? If yes, then meditation will help with your pain. Meditation, when used alongside conventional therapy, can dramatically cure the ailment. It improves the ability to focus and helps in understanding the thought patterns.

Some people get more creative, and their athletic performance improves. So as a beginner, it might feel challenging to prepare yourself for meditation. But don’t be afraid to experiment. Just find yourself in a quiet room, dim the lights and sit down with a straight posture.

Close your eyes, or you can focus on a single point and chant a mantra to yourself. If you are still confused about meditating, You can use healing meditation CDs and watch tutorial videos to understand better.

  1. Reflexology:

Reflexology is gaining popularity nowadays as an adjunct to conventional therapy and also for preventive measures. The treatment consists of applying appropriate pressure to specific parts of the ears, hands, and feet. According to reflexologists, the reflex points on our ears, hands, and feet correspond to particular organs of our body.

So when they apply pressure to that specific area, it affects that organ’s functionality.   Reflexology has numerous benefits. It restores balance in the body. It releases stress and calms down the emotions providing a peaceful state to the mind. It also reduces chronic pain and anxiety.

  1. Journaling before sleep:

After a tiring day, you are all ready to sleep. Instead of dozing off into a peaceful slumber, you are tossing on the bed from one side to another. It’s a common scenario for a lot of people. But don’t worry; there is no need to shift on medicines.

There’s a more straightforward way to deal with your insomnia. It hardly takes 15 minutes to journal, and it improves your sleep quality, giving you a boost of energy for the next day. Of course, you won’t have the energy to write but look at the brighter side.

Try to write about a joyous event. If you practice it regularly, it becomes part of your bedtime routine. Hence, You won’t have to rely on medicines anymore.

  1. Acupuncture:

If you are new to the holistic approach of treatment, acupuncture may terrify you. It seems painful, but in reality, acupuncture has proven to heal so many conditions like depression, allergies, cramps, joint pains, and whatnot. How could inserting needles into the body can relieve pain?

It is an ancient Chinese-based therapy that works by inserting needles and triggering specific points on the body. It helps in relieving stress; hence, the body functions well, and it heals. The treatment consists of 60 to 90 minutes sessions.

The therapists discuss the symptoms with the patient and insert the needles. Some people get instant results, while some need to take more than one session for improvement.


  1. Humor therapy:

Laughter is truly the best medicine. In our childhood, we laughed a lot, but our lives have become a lot serious as we grew up, and we seldom laugh. However, laughter can trigger the body emotionally and physically to heal.

It draws people together and more close. Did you know that a burst of good hearty laughter can release stress and relaxes the body for the next 45 minutes? Laughter can decrease the stress hormones and increases the levels of endorphins.

Laughter is not your replacement for the gym, but research has proven that it can burn calories. Thus, immunity also improves as the body gains the strength to be more resistant to diseases. So it is a priceless medicine, full of fun and readily available, hence never miss a chance to laugh.

  1. Be positive:

We can understand that it is easier said than done, especially when a person is in pain. But our mind is mighty; it can be our best friend or the worst enemy. So the key to a healthy body is to train your brain and build a solid and healthy mentality.

According to research, the placebo effect immensely affects the treatment progress. If a person tells you that this pill will cure you, it will work even if it was just a sugar pill. So whatever treatment you are going through, your belief that the treatment will work will be more effective than the medicines.

Hence, it is essential to improve positive thinking, surround yourself with healthy and positive people. You will notice that your body has started to respond differently.

A take-home message:

So by changing your actions, thoughts, and feelings, you can generate more happiness in your life. And when you are optimistic about your life, you look for ways that can heal you. Make sure that you take out time for yourself and pay attention to your health.

Set up a proper routine and actively follow it. Maintain your sleeping pattern as it helps in reducing stress. If you opt for the natural means of healing your body, you will feel happier and healthier. These sustained efforts over time will create drastic changes in your personal and societal healing.

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