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Made from 98% of Indonesia’s tropical fruit extracts plus extract and 2% Manggata bulbs deep sea squalene,  SOMAN 1 FM ( No. Reg. BPOM RI TR 083 677 661 ) is herbal drops that can lower and stabilize blood sugar levels, making diabetes mellitus can be reversed.

FACT: SOMAN is able to restore diabetes, chronic wounds, cholesterol, gout, high blood pressure, even drug addiction and HIV !!
Read the full story in the testimonial .


  • SAFE, 100% NATURAL, NO SIDE EFFECTS (made from fruit extracts, mangosteen tubers, and deep sea qualene , without chemicals)
  • SAVING AND PRACTICAL USE (only per drop)
  • FAST RECOVERY PROCESS (quickly reacts in the body’s recovery process)
  • CAN BE USED AS EXTERNAL MEDICINE (for the treatment of diabetes wounds, accident wounds, burns, skin / acne medications and eye drops)
  • TERPERCAYA (has obtained distribution permit from BPOM)

How SOMAN works in restoring diabetes

Yamin Lahay, pharmacist from BPOM Gorontalo revealed, in the treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM), SOMAN had three treatment strategies. First , by giving fiber. Its function is that when you eat carbohydrates it will be absorbed by the fiber, so it doesn’t enter the blood. “The Soman formula contains a lot of fiber. When it is in the stomach, Soman will absorb the results of eating carbohydrates,” he said. Kedu A , the active chemical components in SOMAN will stimulate the sensitivity of insulin response. As a result, when carbohydrates (glucose) appear, the body asks for a lot of insulin, then normal insulin comes out of the body. So, DM sufferers no longer need insulin injections. Third, SOMAN is able to prevent diseases that follow DM. Because, SOMAN is able to supply nutrients, such as oxygen to the body’s cells in large quantities.

The composition of SOMAN, continued Yamin, contains active compounds that are not denotulated. Because SOMAN is produced from cold extraction and long fermentation. The compounds that exist are also synergistic with each other. Drs. Abdul Rahim, Apt.MSL, also from BPOM Gorontalo, added, SOMAN is not a random product. This is official from the central BPOM. “We have also checked with the factory directly, and we are sure that SOMAN’s raw materials are really natural,” he said. From the results of the experiment, dr. Ketut Widana, a doctor and herbalist in Bali, noted that SOMAN contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants enter the body and stimulate the formation of glutathione in cells, so that sufferers can recover. In addition, “SOMAN also improves cell metabolism, revises nerve cells, and does not contain residues,” said Ketut. There is no other choice, advised him,

Made from Outstanding Natural Ingredients

According to David Andi, the formulator of SOMAN, SOMAN is made from cold extracts of 18 types of tropical fruit native to Indonesia and extract of mangosteen tubers, aka nuts grass, which covers 98% of the composition and deep sea squalene oil . The mangosteen fruit and tuber extracts are carried out naturally by the actobacillus shirota bacteria Unlike other probiotic products that contain billions of bacteria, in SOMAN there are only 1.5 million bacteria. Based on laboratory tests, said David, the shirota bacteria were bigger and more active. Thus, its enzymatic activity is greater. Lactobacillus plays a role in helping digest food into simpler nutrients so that it is easily absorbed by the body.

Meanwhile, the mangosteen tuber is known as an herb with many benefits. Among other things, as a strong medicine, medication for stomach pain, smooth urine, and menstrual regulator, mouthwash, toothache medicine, and ulcer medicine. In Java, the grass root scientifically named Cyperus rotundus is used as an anti-seizure drug. The flying oil contained in it can prevent the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria . Other uses include chest pain medication, rib pain, pain during menstruation, as well as for external medicine, such as hitting wounds, bruises, skin itching, ulcers, bleeding and vaginal discharge, as well as swelling due to fluid retention (edema). Even this grass is believed to be able to overcome digestive function disorders, such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and stomach pain.

But beyond that, David took more lessons from the nature of these plants to be mixed in the SOMAN formula. “I actually saw the stubborn side of the grass. Sprayed with dead herbicides, but as soon as the rain was doused it grew again. That means there is an enzyme or hormone whatever its name makes the plant can regulate its life in an extraordinary way,” he explained firmly.
Likewise, the use of deep sea shark oil. This shark can survive at depths of 400-700 meters below sea level where oxygen supply is minimal and temperature and air pressure are extreme. “It means that he is given a privilege by God the Creator, namely extraordinary resistance so that he can absorb very little oxygen into his body to be converted into energy. How can it be like that, it’s God’s secret, we can’t explain,” explained the man who SOZO FM-3 won the Ministry of Research and Technology award as 100 Indonesian Innovative Products 2008. By using this shark oil, continued David, SOMAN’s ingredients are able to capture the smallest possible oxygen content so that when it is in our lungs, the blood can optimally absorb oxygen for circulation. throughout the body. In addition, sometimes the blood capillaries accumulate cholesterol so that they cannot properly capture oxygen. With squalene, oxygen will be maximally absorbed.

So, the way SOMAN works is to improve the body’s metabolic system, optimize the function of the digestive organs, and improve blood circulation. So that blood is able to transport nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Thus the cell regeneration process is faster and constant, and ultimately the body’s immunity will increase. “So, it is not SOMAN that treats disease, the function of antibodies to protect the body that God has created will function normally again, so that all kinds of health problems in the body will be restored.”

Proven Efficacious For Diabetes and Various Diseases

Currently there is only SOMAN which is proven to be able to help cure diabetes. Testimonials from a number of users say the efficacy of this formula in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Even people with severe diabetes who take insulin three times a day are free from the pain of carrying blood tests and insulin application kits. And last but not least, the biological relationship between husband and wife, which is often disrupted as a consequence of diabetes, can run more smoothly.

Not only blood sugar levels, SOMAN 1 FM can also heal wounds that are usually difficult to heal in diabetics. Apart from wounds caused by diabetes, other injuries such as burns, being hit by sharp objects, being bitten by animals can also be treated with this powerful product. Although SOMAN is recommended for diabetes and wounds, it has also cured many hemorrhoid sufferers, HIV infection, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis, headaches, and so on.

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