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Somavedic Devices: EMF protection and Water Harmonization

EMF protection

You might be sitting alone right now, but in fact, you are surrounded by thousands of electro and magnetic frequencies(radiation), also known as EMF. These radiations can source from power lines, electrical wirings and electric home appliances like printers, shavers and even Wi-Fi. We cannot see these radiations, but are they harmful to us?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to low-level EMFs may be carcinogenic to the human body.

Furthermore, it can damage the human nervous systems and cells. All these symptoms are very alarming and create a need for an urgent solution; well, Ivan Ribyanski thought about it and launched the prototype in 2010 by the name of Somavedic.


Ivan Ribyanski was struggling quite a lot as he had issues with his pancreas and other organs. The doctor not only life-sentenced him to the use of medication but told him that he will be in a wheelchair two years from now. Not satisfied with this solution, Ivan began to study Chinese and Vedic Medicine and precious stone and minerals.

Miraculously, Ivan was able to heal himself with what he was suffering from, and soon people started reaching out to him regarding their problems with geopathic stress. At this point in his life, Ivan decided to develop a device with all what he has learned by combining different precious stone, minerals and metals.

After the birth of this idea came Somavedic. Its primary purpose was to mitigate the negative effects of geometric zones. Juraj Kocar came across the dark side of EMFs when he saw himself struggling with high blood pressure, chest pain, and constant dizziness. He became a part of Somavedic and is currently the new CEO.

Somavedic Technologies is a pioneer and creator of frequency therapy device that combines the natural remedies of the East and the modern technology of the west to help improve user’s health and well-being. Manufactured with the highest quality of hand-blown glass in the Czech Republic, the device contains a unique pattern of precious stones, metals and proprietary technology to harmonize the effect of EMFs. Somavedic technologies have shipped over 52000 devices to 42 countries worldwide.

How it works and benefits

Somavedic controls the energy releasing from the precious stones that are arranged in the Somavedic core. Each precious stone, such as Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Rhodonite, vibrates at a particular frequency and is able to radiate these vibrations into the surroundings. Somavedic core is coordinated in such a pattern that enables them to exert a direct influence and neutralize disturbances around such as EMF radiations, dirty electricity and other environmental burdens.

A living room, for example, is congested with radiations coming from the Wi-Fi devices, the laptop and smartphones, kitchen appliances using electricity etc. Once the Somavedic device is placed in that room for a while, it makes a cocoon protecting from all the harmful radiation. Using Somavedic devices may positively affect the Cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In addition, it can improve heart rate variability, circulation, and internal balance. It safeguards you from Wi-Fi and 5G radiations, which are becoming very common. It is proven to enhance one’s sleep and can aid in stress.

Somavedic 5G and Water Harmonization

Even though 5G is considered faster, it also brings some harmful EMF radiations of great intensity. Fortunately, Somavedic has thought of it as its models are equipped with programs that can counteract the high amount of EMF radiations coming from 5G. Having your homes fitted with Wi-Fi devices, routers and computers, a Somavedic device such as Somavedic Harmonie is a must-have to ensure safety.

Another thing that a Somavedic device can help us with is harmonizing water. The device emits biologically preferred radiations at a radius of one hundred feet. Placing the water jug within this range for 15-20 minutes will structure the water molecules and alter them to their most natural state. This water resembles the same structure as spring water which is more natural to our bodies and improves hydration.


The user is given a choice among various models of Somavedic. The range kicks off with the pendant that costs $25, but it is designed to eliminate radiations and low levels. After that comes the Crystal Pyramid that provides essential protection against waves and magnetic fields, which is priced at $110. After this comes the more conventional-looking Somavedic, and that is the Medic. This $605 device eliminates the harmful effect of 3G, 4G and 5G creating a safe environment for homes, hospitals and offices.

The Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is by far the best and most selling product. Price tagged at $850; this product is an amazing choice for a place that needs harmonization and water structuring. Its frame is made up of yellow glass, which is vital to help neutralize the ill effects of EMFs. Having passed three laboratory tests, Medic Green Ultra is suitable for any environment. The Somavedic Amber is another popular model, and is suitable for those wanting the highest degree of EMF protection.

The range-topping Somavedic Gold is something quite special. This device is not only made on the customers’ preference but is twenty-four-carat gold platted. The basis of this technology is laid on quantum physics and findings regarding stones and minerals.

In addition to this, Somavedic Gold nullifies the adverse effects of EMF and results in free radicals. This device structures the water and influences the basic elements of the water, i.e., energy, memory, etc. It is designed in such a way that it activates the self-healing process.

Narrowing down the advantage the Somavedic devices can bring into our lives, it is a must-have in every household and office to make lives better. You can go right ahead and buy it online at Elite Detox or any other online store from around the world.

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