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Step-by-step Guide To Apply For Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program 

Choosing Caregiving for your Family Wisely: Deciding Between In-Home Care and Nursing Care 

Any individual, injured, elderly, or physically disabled, requires special care. Such care is usually administered in institutions such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. But nowadays, home care has also become one of the sought-after ways to administer care and medical help to the person in need. 

As an individual grows older, they may require more advanced and concentrated care. In this situation, it is a good idea to sign up for home care. Consumer Directed Private Assistance Program extends such home care to all the consumers. In some instances an assisted living home might be a better fit for the senior, if they need more supervision, and 24 hour care, these homes are better suited for this type of care.

According to a survey, only a few people aged 70 or older are using nursing homes and facilities. More consumers have started opting for in-home care for better, comfortable, and independent living. These people are using programs like CDPAP and making all their loved ones formally care for them. 

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program: 

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP provides the consumers the freedom to select their caregivers, assistants, or home care aides. The caregivers are then compensated for their attentive care and hard work in helping the consumer in their daily activities. 

This program is specifically designed to mitigate the insecurity involved with using unfamiliar professionals from any home healthcare agency. Being a consumer, you can enjoy greater freedom in making a wise and lasting healthcare decision for yourself. One of the plus points of this program is that CDPAP is covered by Medicaid. Thus, if you already have Medicaid, you don’t have to bear any extra cost or expense in applying for this program. 

CDPAP – Allow your family to formally care for your health: 

What makes CDPAP different from other in-home and healthcare programs is that this program allows you to choose a caregiver from among your family members. You can select a trusted individual who understands your health, lifestyle, and needs and rest assured about a comfortable living. 

The entire process of choosing a caregiver is carried out formally on the paper. Whether the caregiver is your friend or family member, they are supposed to fill a form and apply for the post. In return, they get paid for taking care of you and assisting you in your daily life and activities.

However, there are a few exceptions of who can be your caregiver under this program. According to CDPAP, you cannot hire your spouse or a parent of a child under 21 years as your personal assistant or caregiver.

How to apply as a consumer under CDPAP? 

Here are the steps to follow to apply under this program as a consumer: 

  • You must be eligible for Medicaid to apply for this program. After that, call your insurance plan to advise you of your interest. 
  • You are also expected to choose a fiscal intermediary to initiate the program. 
  • You can now interview, recruit, and screen all your prospective personal assistants or caregivers and pick the best one. 
  • Your caregiver must request their doctor to complete the medical orders for home care required by their respective health plan. The required document should then be submitted to the health plan. 
  • The process also involves an in-home assessment completed by a registered nurse. Two kinds of assessments are carried out – the first one is from the state and the other one by the health plan of the consumer. 
  • The health plan then advises the consumer and the fiscal intermediary about the approval of the caregiver’s service. 
  • Decide the working hours of the caregiver, get authorization, and begin enjoying all the CDPAP services. 


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is becoming popular and for all the right reasons. Enroll yourself in this program and get ready to enjoy personal care within the comfort of your home. 

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