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Stuck Indoors? Reap Health Benefits of Indoor Running

In the current winter climate and in and out of lockdown in various places, most of us are confined to our homes. But we still need some physical activity at home to stay fit both physically and mentally. Indoor running for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day is a great way to improve cardiovascular and mental fitness. 

 Besides that, it even contributes to quality sleep. And when you’re rested well, you are likely to be active both physically and mentally. Hence, ready to face the challenges of life daily. Unlike the outdoor environment, the indoor environment is easier to control as per our liking. So, there won’t be any excuse for not working out.

Enjoy mental health benefits of indoor running 

Aerobic exercises, like running, are likely to enhance the activity in a certain part of your brain called the hippocampus. This area in the brain is well-known for processing emotion. It’s found that hippocampus volume increases over time when you regularly indulge in aerobic exercises. Since the role of this part is emotional resilience and problem-solving, it leaves a positive impact on neurological and psychological conditions like dementia, depression, and cognitive impairment. Therefore, you’re likely to feel mentally healthy and happy.

Great tool for stress management

Another benefit of running indoors is that it helps you manage stress. With the release of endorphins after a strenuous exercise, your brain’s neurotransmitters get released. These neurotransmitters (also called endorphins) help you stay away from stressful situations. So, getting involved in indoor running is great indoor stress management too. And, one must make it part of their everyday routine.

Anytime, Anywhere 

One major benefit of online running is that individuals can participate in it anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s morning, noon, or evening, you can run indoors at any time as per your preference. You can even control the indoor environment as per your mood. So, no need to make any excuses, like bad weather or muddy roads, to skip the physical activity. And, when you run daily, you are most likely to stay physically healthy and fit.

How to get the most out of your indoor run 

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most of indoor running: 

  • Start small: When you’re a beginner, you need to start small with smaller workout sessions. And gradually increase the timing.
  • Switch up your route: Keep changing your route online to keep things interesting. This is how you won’t feel bored while running at home. 
  • Add ascents and descents to running: With proper ascents and descents, your cardiovascular system can work much faster and push you to higher training zones.  
  • Do proper warm-up: A proper warm-up is essential. It must be around 10-15 minutes of some dynamic moves and stretching.

Take-Home Message 

As we are slowly approaching the winter months, the amount of daylight is reducing. Plus, the winter cold is likely to keep you from regular outdoor running. That’s why you must include an indoor running app in your exercise routine to never miss out on workouts.  

With proper indoor running, you are most likely to stay fit physically and mentally. So, make it part of your fitness now.

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