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Teen Drug Abuse: Best Ways To Curb Teenage Addiction

Alertness for Assistance: 5 Signs of Addiction to Look Out For

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure,” that should be it. Addiction prevention is more effective than treating an addiction. The effects of teenage addiction can cause a higher risk to the brain and other alcohol-related illnesses. You can view more about the effects of drugs to enable you make the right decisions. Therefore, all stakeholders should work together to prevent addiction in youths.

Restrictions On Bars

The fight against alcohol use should not be a teacher-parent affair, but the community’s as well. Alcohol should not be sold near colleges and schools to reduce temptations. Studies show that in areas with available liquor stores, teenage addiction is high. Society should join hands and say no to bar owners selling alcohol to underage students.

Provide Support

Most people use drugs and substances when something in their life is amiss. If your teen has life issues such as failing an examination, teenage pregnancy, or sexual abuse, give them support and seek counseling. This will save them from turning to substances.

Keeping Track Of Prescription Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs can be abused, so keep an inventory of every medicine at home. Also, ensure you know why a person is taking the medication. If possible, let teens take doctor’s prescribed medicines only.

Seek Treatment For Mental Health

People with mental problems turn to substances as a consolation. The common mental health issues are depression, anxiety, and stress. If your child has these symptoms, it’s best to seek medical help before it’s too late.

Guide Them

Kids grow up seeing neighbors, parents, and others in society binge drinking, smoking, or abusing drugs, like it’s no big deal. So, telling them otherwise may not be easy. However, it’s best to guide them and tell them the consequences of such actions. They also learn the dangers of addiction in school.

Establish Rules At Home

Just as there are rules at schools and in the country, you should also have rules at home. Let your children know they are forbidden to take substances and the consequences of breaking the rule.

Don’t Store Alcohol/ Drugs At Home

Teens can be naughty at times, and they are always eager to learn and test things. If you keep beer in your refrigerator without locking, a few bottles can go missing. To eliminate the temptation, avoid storing alcohol at their disposal.

Be A Role Model

If you drink, smoke, and use drugs in the presence of your children, they will likely use substances too. Children copy the behaviors of their guardians or parents. If you must drink, do so in moderation and avoid causing chaos at home. This may stress the children, leading to substance use.

Law Enforcement

Most countries have laws limiting underage drinking and drug use. The authorities should enforce the laws, and perpetrators should be prosecuted. Colleges and higher learning institutions have laws to curb addiction, so the school administration should ensure all students follow the rules.

Know The Warning Signs

Know the possible red flags such as changes in sleeping patterns, behaviors, eating habits, school performances, and physical appearances. If your teen withdrawals from the family or you see drug paraphernalia in their room, it’s likely they are into drugs.

Get Involved In Your Children’s Life

Always know what your teen is up to. Know their friends, and if they use substances, they might pressure your son into drugs/alcohol. If they go to social events, ensure the occasion is drugs or alcohol-free, and a responsible adult should accompany them.

Although it may not be easy to prevent every teen from using substances, some measures can save them from vice. Always be involved with your child’s life, learn the addiction warning signs, be role models, and set rules at home.

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