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Teeth straightening inconspicuously with Invisalign in Plymouth

Living with misaligned teeth can make you feel self-conscious but also affect the health of your teeth. You may think that going through the treatment to get them corrected is too uncomfortable and embarrassing. There was a time when patients had to wear a cumbersome metal dental brace but that all changed with the invention of a new method using a dental aligner. The team has used Invisalign in Plymouth for many years to bring relief from misaligned teeth and a broad smile to their patients.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often misunderstood as just a range of treatments to improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is much more than that and apart from the aesthetic benefits, properly aligned teeth have a far more important practical benefit. Your teeth are primarily designed to reduce your food into manageable pieces so that your digestive system can break them down. Your teeth also allow you to smile displaying your emotion of happiness. Malocclusion conditions such as an overcrowded mouth, crooked teeth and a bite that is misaligned can also cause a variety of other problems in your mouth.

Oral health

Maintaining oral hygiene is difficult when you are unable to clean properly between your teeth and misaligned teeth will prevent proper cleaning. This can result in bacteria forming in the spaces between your teeth and creating little pockets below your gum line. Dental plaque will form and over time your teeth will be affected and tooth decay and gum disease can result as well as bad breath. Preventive dentistry relies on proper routine dental and gum maintenance which you will be unable to perform if your teeth are misaligned.

Comfortable and effective

Before a dental team can start any dental treatment they need to examine and assess your condition. They will need to assess the suitability of the treatment and if Invisalign is the best option they will create digital images. The latest equipment allows them to create a 3D image of the interior of your oral cavity. Using computer software they are able to produce an exact image of your teeth as they are  and how they will look after treatment. Because everything is done digitally they are able to send all your dental data to the laboratory. They will produce a series of aligners, referred to as trays, based on the information which the dental team have sent to them. These trays each have a slightly different orientation and the number depends on your condition. The treatment does not work in the same way as traditional braces which attach to the front of your teeth. These trays fit over your teeth and can best be compared to a gum shield. One of the many advantages of Invisalign is that they can be removed to allow you to eat, drink and clean your teeth. They must be worn for at least twenty two hours per day. Each tray will also need two to three weeks to perform its function, before progressing to the next tray.

Your big moment has arrived!

Once your treatment has been completed it will be necessary to wear an aligner to hold your teeth in their new positions. You will however be able to remove the aligner and admire your new smile.

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