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The Best Ways For Tendon Repair

Tendon repair is composed of several different practices including rest, medical intervention, and at home remedies. Tendons are made up of fibrous connective tissues. These fibrous connective tissues are the glue that connect the muscles and bones in our body. When injured, torn, or damaged, tendon repair can be a long and strenuous process, not to mention a painful one. In order to recover properly and regain normal function, it’s important to follow effective protocols for tendon healing. Here are the best ways for tendon repair.


RICE is an easy at home method that consists of four elements; rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The first step is to rest the injured tendon. Follow this with icing the affected area and using compression such as a tight bandage around the tendon. Lastly, elevate the injured tendon above the rest of your body. These steps in the RICE method aid in reducing swelling and pain. This is not a long term solution but is especially beneficial in the beginning stages of tendon repair and recovery. If you have a serious injury do not attempt RICE before being evaluated by a physician. RICE can easily be completed at home and on your own timetable.


Rest is a potent ingredient in the arsenal of tendon repair remedies. Giving your tendon the chance to heal requires that you abstain from putting further physical strain on the area. If the affected tendon is not experiencing a state of rest enough, then there is a potential to damage the tendon’s tissue even further. In order to avoid this pitfall, take advantage of every opportunity to rest in the affected area. This may mean asking for others in your family or circle of friends to assist you with daily activities that may be difficult or strenuous while dealing with a tendon injury.

Physical Therapy

Attending physical therapy should be on the top of the list when it comes time for tendon repair. Physical therapists work with tendon injury patients to teach and perform low impact exercises  and stretches that help to heal the tendon. Although rest is very important as previously mentioned, gently strengthening the area is just as vital. Physical therapy is a source of properly retraining the tendon to heal correctly and with less pain. Speak to your doctor about a physical therapy referral. If physical therapy is not an option, there are low impact exercises that you can perform at home as recommended by your primary care physician.


Peptides are on the rise in the field of medical advancements and specifically tendon repair. The peptide BPC 157 when administered in rat models showed a significant difference in the repaired tendons of the mice using BPC 157 as opposed to the mice that did not receive the peptide. The repaired tendons performed better over time. As research continues to develop, scientists are hopeful they are nearing a breakthrough for peptide use in tendon repair and recovery.


Sleep is one of the most critical functions that our body performs. It is the most significant source of building immunity, brain focus, energy, and healing properties for tendons and tissues within our body and all of our organs and cells. Skimp on sleep and you risk the potential to increase tendon repair time by a mile. The recommended hours of solid uninterrupted sleep for the night is 8-10 hours with some women needing a couple hours more. To create a conducive environment for sleep make sure your room is dark and cool and turn off all social media, cellphones, and televisions. Blue light emanating from screens often stimulates the brain and all stimulating activities should cease at least an hour before bed. 


Anti inflammatory drugs are an easy fix for pain and inflammation during tendon repair. Although a temporary fix, medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen offer healing properties such as reducing inflammation and swelling and thus reducing the amount of pain. These medications can be prescribed by your doctor in larger doses or be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. 


Tendon repair surgery can be a viable option for those dealing with major tendon injuries and long recovery times. These surgeries are usually performed quickly and allow patients to recover faster due to the procedure surgeons follow to reconnect the torn tissue.

Following all of these or any combination of the above described ways to achieve tendon repair. These tips should be practiced in agreement and under the supervision of a trained medical profession to yield the greatest results. Don’t allow tendon injury to inhibit your quality of life. Find ways to implement these techniques to achieve optimal tendon repair. 

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