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The maddest feed: best meals & treats to enjoy after a smoke

The maddest feed: best meals & treats to enjoy after a smoke

If you’re anything like us, then you will love a good feed to go with your herb. Whether you skipped lunch, got home, chopped up and are now in need of something serious, or you just want some snacks to go with your favorite new Netflix series (or YouTube clips), there is nothing better than having some delectable delights to go with your sudden craving for something tasty.

So, grab your herb grinder, pack your vaporiser and get your menus ready, because here are some of our favourite things to eat when the herb is ground and the piece is packed!

Classic takeaways

Of course, driving isn’t necessarily an option once you’ve chopped up with your very best herb grinder and enjoyed it with a state of the art vaporiser, so the only thing you can really do is scan your UberEats or Menulog for some of the best local takeaways that can seriously satisfy your sudden urge to feast!

Some of our personal favourites include:

  • Fish & chips: What was once a favourite for Friday night takeaway with the family has since become a favourite for Tuesday night takeaway with some hungry buddies and a well-ground herb mix. Greasy, oily, absolutely scrumptious, fish and chips is a real winner, not just for its indulgent joys, but also for its variety – something that can always excite the taste buds of a suddenly hungry individual
  • Pizza: Another classic, but equally as good, there is just something so devowerable about pizza once it arrives. You see it, you know exactly what’s on it, and if it’s halfway toward good quality it’s going to be pretty delicious given one’s propensity for not minding so much about the quality of food once they are easing out the day. Classic toppings like Hawaiin, meat lovers and capricciosa are fantastic, as are newer versions like tandoori chicken, reef ‘n’ beef – you get the picture!
  • Indian: Because a bit of heat always goes down a treat when you want to experience some serious flavour. What’s more, Indian food is really homely and comforting, making it a true post-bowl treat. Whether you’re going for the classic butter chicken or lamb korma, or a mouth watering tandoori platter, Indian food always provides pure culinary joy when the time calls for it!

Dessert & treat time

Okay, now that you’ve ground up a magical mix, got stuck into that with your herb vaporiser and had an absolutely scrumptious dinner, it’s time to get stuck into some of your favourite desserts and/or treats to really top off an amazing meal. After all, you’ve earned yourself a session, and you’ve earned yourself (at least) a two-course meal, too!

Some of our favourite desserts post-bowl include:

  • Ice cream: Another classic, but there is something so good about the way the cold, frozen dairy goodness refreshes once it’s eaten. Better yet, you can easily chuck some ice cream in with some sauces to make a milkshake – so frusty and yummy at that time!
  • Pop tarts: Pop tarts have only recently become popular in Australia, what with globalisation and all. But they are a really yummy thing to get into when the time is right, they’re delicious sweetness being good for a cheeky post-feed treat to enjoy before or in bed when you’re watching your favourite show.
  • Choccy: Because choccy is good all the time, right? Whatever your choice: Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Whittaker’s, even a couple of buenos you had in your drawer for just the right occasion – choccy is a sweet and reliable treat that always comes in handy right when you need it (post-smoke is always a pretty good excuse!).
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