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The Signs You Need Glasses: A Helpful Guide

The Signs You Need Glasses: A Helpful Guide

Vision decline is an unfortunate fact of life. While nobody celebrates it, many people have experienced a decline in their vision. The Vision Council estimates that approximately 164 million US adults wear glasses daily.

If you think that your vision is in decline, you’re not alone. However, glasses require a lot of upkeep and expense. As such, you should be sure that what you’re experiencing is a decline in vision.

To help you with that, we’ve gathered five telltale signs you need glasses. With this guide, you can answer the question of “Do I need glasses?” for good.

  1. Blurry Vision Is One of the Leading Signs You Need Glasses

Blurry vision is one of the classic signs you need eyeglasses. If you don’t see in 20/20, these lenses can help correct that. Most people suffering from blurred vision do so because of farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Farsighted people have trouble seeing objects closer to their person. In contrast, nearsighted people struggle to see items at greater distances. Regardless of which you have, an eye doctor can prescribe the best eyeglasses to correct the problem.

  1. Do You Squint Often?

Frequent squinting is another typical sign that it’s time for glasses. When you squint, you limit the amount of light entering your eye. This narrows your field of vision, helping to bring objects into greater concentration.

Scientists refer to this phenomenon as the “pinhole effect.” Although this effect can help you cope with poor vision, glasses can eliminate the need for it altogether.

  1. Do Your Eyes Feel Tired Often?

Regular eye fatigue or strain can be another sign you need glasses. However, this one is not as certain as the preceding two. For instance, most people feel eye strain after spending too much time in front of blue light-emitting screens.

As such, evaluate your symptoms. Do they last for days without relief? If so, you probably need glasses. If you notice they recover after you take time away from screens, you could likely reduce this fatigue with blue-light filtering glasses.

  1. Do You See Halos Around Light?

Another sign you need glasses is when you regularly see halos around lights. When your eyes can’t focus on light, they often blur the light into a halo look.

Experiment with this by looking towards car headlights or the lights in your home. If you see halos more often than not, glasses can solve the problem.

  1. Do You Get Many Headaches?

While headaches have many causes, sometimes ocular strain causes them. Essentially, your eyes strain so hard to see that it causes lingering pain.

If you experience frequent headaches and one or more other symptoms in this article, glasses may help. However, frequent headaches can also indicate your glasses no longer perform as they should. If you wear glasses and still experience this issue, talk to your eye doctor about progressive lenses.

Consult With an Eye Doctor Today

These five symptoms are among the most common signs you need glasses. If you experience one or more of these regularly, consult with an eye doctor today! They can identify the best types of glasses to correct your vision.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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