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Things You Can Expect From Your First Counselling Session

One who has never participated in a therapy session or personally visited a counsellor might wonder what it will be like. Several questions like, will the counsellor ask a lot of questions? Will they ask me about my fears? Will they speak about my childhood? It might linger around your mind.  

But the answer is not so certain. Since different therapists have different methods for counselling in Langley, they may or may not engage with the questions lingering around your mind. Depending upon the therapy they adopt, they might encourage you to ask them questions about their lives, experiences etc., in the first session. 

Here are a few things that are more or less the same for almost all firsts in the counselling session. Read them to understand what you can expect from your very first.

  • Waiting

The moment you arrive for your therapy session, the first few moments will be spent waiting the same as visiting any healthcare appointment. You are allowed to check your timing for appointments and slot availability with the receptionist. But filling in a few initial appointment forms might consume a couple of minutes before actually meeting your counsellor to begin your session.

  • Introductions

The first part of your counselling is mostly likely to be spent by getting to know one another. Your relationship with your counsellor is just like any other; it may work best if you can connect on a personal level from the very beginning. 

You don’t have to leap into deepest understanding, knowing dark secrets. You need to feel free around them to be able to let your emotions out freely. 

  • Establishing Needs

You can expect your therapist to know your needs to make the most of the sessions and resolve your problem. They need to know the reason why you are seeking therapy. They may ask you questions related to the issue which requires to be addressed. They might even ask you what you did before to make things work to understand what helped you include in their session to make things better. 

  • Common Questions You Can Expect

As a secondary part of understanding, your counsellor can ask you some more related questions to understand your needs better. It might include these questions too:

  • Have you tried taking therapy before?
  • What symptoms do you usually face?
  • Does anyone else in your home have a mental health issue?
  • Do you have a history of suicidal ideation?
  • How is your life at home?
  • What do you want to accomplish at the end of your sessions?

Questions You Are Allowed To Ask Them

Surprisingly, therapist counselling in Langley allows the patients to ask them questions if they have one in mind. They believe this aids the process of building a connection. Here are few questions that you can consider asking your counsellor:

  • Would the therapy be confidential?
  • How long will my therapy continue?
  • How long have you been practising?
  • Have you ever been to a therapist yourself?
  • What kind of things should I plan to support my sessions?


The most important thing you can expect from your first counselling in Langley is checking in with yourself. You might end up discovering a few new things which can help you reflect and move in a better direction. 

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