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Tips To Run More

Tips To Run More
  1. Starting where you are at

If you have never run before or you haven’t don’t in years, then don’t expect that you are going to do 5k on your first day. You should start with the run/walk method – you should do things slowly and avoid doing it more than three times a week. When you do this, you will start building pace and distance without exposing yourself to injury. Ensure that you have comfortable running shoes, visit the Orthotic Shop.

  1. Warming up, cooling down, and stretching

Before you start your run, make sure you do dynamic stretches then a warm-up walk for about five minutes. This is important because it helps in preventing injury. After you are done, do a five-minute brisk walk. Finish your morning run with static stretches and make sure you hold for more than 30 seconds. This helps in preventing sore muscles.

  1. Listening to your body

You should never ignore pain because it shows something is wrong. Look for where the pain is coming from, then have a massage done on the area. Take time off if need be. You worsen your injury every time you try to run through the pain.

  1. Focusing on your breathing

Proper breathing is important for running. The breath should be long and steady. The best technique for breathing is doing it deeply into the bottom of the lungs. Any time you feel like you are getting out of breath, focus on your exhale and slow down. Breathing through the mouth allows you to take in more oxygen.

  1. Running with a group

Your morning run can be a social activity when you have other people with you who you can chat with as your run. Doing it with other people will make time fly fast. The support from your friends is going to help you push through.

  1. Cross-training

Runners are doing yoga because they have realized how good it is in preventing injury, improving breathing, and strengthening muscles. If you cannot go for a yoga class, then consider online classes. Other cross-training activities you can give a try are swimming and pilates.

  1. Wearing the right shoes

You should have proper running shoes when getting started. You don’t have to do this later in your running career. Visit the Orthotic Shop and choose a running shoe that works best for you. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. Creating a schedule and sticking to it

There will always be an excuse not to run. Schedule a time to run and put it in your diary. This should be an important part of your day – and you can cancel it when you have no other option (when you are injured or sick). It will take a couple of weeks before this new habit forms, but after it is going to become a routine.

  1. Knowing when not to run

A great runner knows when not to run, and this is what differentiates a good runner from a great one. There are times when your body needs rest. If you feel pain or unwell, take a break from running. Rest is important. Visit a physio and take good care of yourself and your feet, take a look at the great range of running shoes at the Orthotic Shop. The worst thing you can do for yourself is running through pain.

  1. Enjoy it

Running is not a punishment; you should enjoy every single second of it. Go at your own pace and enjoy it.

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