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Top 5 Lingerie Designs that will Turn Your Man On

If there’s one thing that can make a woman feel sexy, it’s lingerie.

These fashionable and tempting undergarments make women feel good about themselves and give them the power to entice men and turn them on for that highly anticipated sexy time.

Yes, women in lingerie is a turn on for every male. But, while sexy underwear boosts women’s self-esteem, it also makes their significant others admire them more.

And do you know what style your man prefers to see you in the most? With the different lingerie styles, it can be confusing to choose which one will make him drool over you and make you feel your best.

But don’t fret. It’s easy to please your partner when you know what he wants. And when it comes to lingerie styles, the following are known to give women the confidence they want as and get men’s hearts racing. Your boo will surely chase you around the bedroom when he sees you wearing these styles.

Lacy Blacks

You can never go wrong with black. There’s something about it that screams power, mystery and sexuality.

And when you put lace in the picture, it’ll be one classic lingerie that will capture your man’s attention. Black lace underwear is, no doubt, timeless and classy. No man can resist his woman in such a sexy ensemble.

A Matching Number

A matching pair of underwear is not only nice to look at. It is also enticing, especially if your man is the neat and organized kind. But whatever personality your partner has, he will surely appreciate the effort you put into getting matching sexy undergarments.

Classic whites or blacks and fiery red are the top colours to choose for a matching set. And if you can, add a bit of lace in there, as well.

Sexy Silk 

Lace is not the only thing that’s sexy. Silk is also alluring and flirty. And when you wear it in the form of lingerie, it becomes irresistible. But, of course, your significant other won’t be able to stop himself from running his hands all over you. 

Bum-Showing Thongs

What is it about a woman’s behind that men find so desirable? The answer is simple. Bootylicious babes are nice to look at. And a survey among males revealed that they like the feel of a woman’s booty.

So, if your bum is that important to your man, give your guy a treat and wear thongs in the bedroom. It will certainly drive him wild.

Baby Doll Nightdress

Looking cute and innocent in a babydoll nightdress is tempting for men. But there’s nothing demure in babydoll dresses. After all, they are the sexier versions of the simple nightgown.

The babydoll slip, which emphasizes your breasts and hips, will do the trick if you want to turn your man on.

These sexy underwear are guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and also make your man drool. It’ll be one steamy sexy time in the bedroom when your man sees you in one of the pieces listed above. And even when it won’t stay on you for long, you’ll know it did its part.

But while the best lingerie can be the perfect gift for your partner, it can also be your gift to yourself. After all, wearing sexy undergarments should be for you first before it can be for anyone else. Then, when you feel comfortable and good in it, your man will see it, and everything else will follow.

So, go ahead and find the perfect lingerie that will make you feel like you’re the queen of the world. And your man will surely treat you like one.

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