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Top 5 Tips on Improving Posture While Sitting

Top 5 Tips on Improving Posture While Sitting

Over 8 million people a year suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

This syndrome is greatly aggravated by poor posture when sitting at a desk for long periods of time, like at work or when gaming.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you need to be looking into how to start improving your posture to prevent health problems later in life.

Read our short guide on the five best ways you can avoid bad posture when sitting at a desk.

  1. Place Your Feet on the Floor

When sitting at a desk, your feet should always be flat on the floor. This will provide a solid foundation for your sitting position and help adjust your bodyweight evenly. If you are wearing shoes with heels, you should remove them so that your feet remain flat.

If your feet can not reach the floor comfortably, you need to invest in an ergonomic footrest. This will allow you to find a natural foot position to rest your feet off the ground.

  1. Adjust Your Chair Settings

Make sure you are using an adjustable chair that allows you to fine-tune each part of your sitting position. As a minimum, you need to be able to adjust your chair height. When using a keyboard, your forearms need to be resting at a 90-degree angle on the table, like an L shape.

Your knees and hips need to be aligned, so if your chair has a tilt feature, make sure it is set so that you can draw a straight line between the two. Adjust the backrest to support you as you sit, and check there are no gaps between you and the chair’s back support.

  1. Provide Lumbar Support

Not properly supporting your back is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when avoiding bad posture. A good ergonomically designed chair should come with built-in lumbar, or lower back, support. There may be a small cushion that you can use attached to the chair.

Long sessions in a chair will affect your posture whilst sitting. If you often find yourself in long gaming sessions, you need to make sure you take care of your lower back. Proper gaming posture can be achieved with a chair designed to support your lower back during long sessions.

  1. Adjust Your Screen Height

The best sitting posture requires you to have your screen at eye level when your back is straight. Looking down at your screen will cause pain to develop in the lower neck. Eventually, it will cause your spine to curve as well.

Either raise the screen using the monitor stand itself, or place a raiser underneath. Do this until your eye line is in line with the top third of the screen. Make sure the screen is no close to your face than 18 inches.

  1. Align Your Ears, Shoulders, and Hips

Sit up straight so that your ears, shoulders, and hips form a straight line down your body. This is the best sitting posture for your back and neck and will relieve many aches and pains.

Imagine a thread pulling the center of your head upwards, elongating your spine. This is the position you want to achieve when sitting.

Start Improving Your Posture

One of the benefits of good posture is you will find that you have much less pain in the back, neck, and arms after a long period sitting at your desk. Start improving your posture today before a chiropractor has to do it for you!

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