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Vape Tips: Can You Put Water on a Vape?

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Vaporizers are a versatile tool for portable use and vape pens or e-cigs have become an increasingly popular way to vape.

Since water is the primary ingredient in vape liquid, it’s reasonable that people may wonder if they can vape water in their pen without harming it. Newbies often ask if they can put water in the vaporizer.

The short answer is no, you should not put water on a vape pen, because it will create really hot steam! This can actually harm your mouth. And it will not be nice thick steam but rather just a tasteless little smoke. There are better options that can help flavor your vape and make the experience more satisfying.

However it is possible to put water into your vape. Vaporizing water is initially not a bad idea, but there’s no real reason why you would want to. Aside from the potentially harmful effects on your mouth from improper use, if there is water in a vaporizer tank you can’t inhale properly.

Water vaporizes faster than vape liquid, therefore more heat is applied to your vape juice. Vaporizing water will take away all the fun about vaping – thick clouds and good taste and smell.

But what you can do is dilute your vape juice with water!

Dilute Vape Juice with Water

Some vape juices are too thick to vape with. You will know when you encounter a vape juice that is just way too flavorful. It has so much flavor and it burns your mouth. If you have one of these vape juices then the best thing to do is dilute it with water! But only the VG-based liquids, not the PG liquids, can be diluted.

Many users of vape juice want to add water, but the plant-based glycerin and propylene glycol that make up much of a vape juice already contain hefty amounts of water. However, if you are not enjoying your juice and want to add water to dilute it, then you can add water to your vape liquid and can still vapor it. 

Why should you dilute with water?

Diluting vape juices with water helps beginners who are still learning how to inhale vapor without feeling nauseous or dizzy. Other reasons might be:

  • You prefer less dense clouds
  • The flavor is too strong
  • You are running out of e-liquid and you want to extend

Why you should not dilute vape juice with water:

  • If you use too much water, then it can burn your lips, tongue and throat.
  • Diluting vape juice with water makes it too wet and too hot.
  • Water does not mix well with nicotine
  • Sometimes water can leak and damage your device

How to Dilute Vape Juice with Water?

How much vape juice you add water to depends on how much vape juice you need to dilute. If the vape juice has too much nicotine, then you will need less vape juice as compared to vape juices with low nicotine levels. It depends on personal preference as well as the strength of nicotine flavor concentration in each bottle of vape liquid.

To dilute vape juice with water it should be one drop water per 2ml vape liquid.

However, it is best to double check by talking to your vape seller or do research for specific mixing measurements.


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