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Vitamin A, which do you use? 

5 Ways to Improve Gut Health

Vitamin A, or retinol, is an important fat-soluble vitamin that is not produced in the human body. Doctors should prescribe vitamin A because there may be contraindications to taking such drugs. 

Here’s what you need to know about vitamin A. 

You can get vitamins from food

Vitamin A deficiency can be supplemented by changing diet-but only if the deficiency is not severe. Vitamin A is found in meat, egg yolks, brightly colored yellow, red, and orange fruits and vegetables. 

The daily menu of a person with vitamin deficiency may include vegetables and fruits-pumpkin, broccoli, apricots, peaches, and dairy products-cheese, cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, butter. The diet should include cod liver, fatty fish, meat and offal pork, veal, turkey, lamb, beef liver. You can also add seasonings-chilli powder, sage, curry, oregano, basil. 

Ripe and juicy carrots are an economical and affordable source of vitamins. 

Available as capsules and solution

Vitamin A is produced in the form of soft and transparent red capsules and solutions for ingestion, application to the skin and injections. The active substance in them is the same-retinol acetate. Other ingredients help it to be absorbed and distributed in the body. 

Retinol is part of almost all balanced vitamin and mineral complexes. However, such complexes are designed to prevent vitamin deficiencies and cannot cope with vitamin deficiencies. For the treatment of patients, vitamin A is prescribed in pure form. 

It is up to your doctor to decide which dosage form of vitamin A you need. It not only pays attention to the level of vitamins in the blood but also the severity of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency or the type of disease of the patient. 

Blood must be donated before blood collection

If a person takes vitamin A, but there is a large amount of vitamin A in the body, vitamin A hypervitaminosis will occur. The risk of this situation is no less than that of vitamin deficiency. 

Before taking the medicine, you need to donate blood to determine the content of vitamin A. After analyzing the results, you should go to the hospital for treatment. In order to confirm vitamin deficiency, eye examination and gastrointestinal angiography are required. 

The duration of the treatment course is determined by the doctor. 

Vitamin A is needed: 

  • For sight,
  • Promote the growth and development of many cells in the body,
  • For the normal development of the mucous membrane (it will produce disinfection protection),
  • Regulate the antioxidant process,
  • To ensure fertility 

It is impossible to get a toxic dose of vitamin A from food (unless you eat a lot of raw seal liver). When dietary supplements are abused, vitamin A can become toxic, which can lead to abnormal fetal development, reduced density of bone mineral structures, and liver damage. 

The best sources of vitamin A are liver, dairy products (cheese, butter), and eggs. Most carotenoids are found in egg yolks and oranges, but also in some green vegetables, fruits and berries (rose hips, carrots, kale, melons, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, paprika, oranges, papaya, persimmons) ), and sweet potatoes. 

What you need to know about vitamin A

  • Vitamin A deficiency can be supplemented by changing diet, but only if the deficiency is not serious.
  • Vitamin A is produced in the form of soft and transparent red capsules and solutions for ingestion, application to the skin and injections.
  • Before taking it, you need to donate blood to determine the vitamin A content. 

Among other useful functions performed by this substance in the body, the following points are worth emphasizing: 

• Protect eye health;

• Reduce bad cholesterol levels;

• Reduce the risk of kidney stones;

• Relieve inflammation;

• Promote the production of collagen, thereby improving the appearance and condition of the skin;

• Helps fight acne;

• Stabilize metabolism;

• Protect brain cell membranes from free radical damage;

• Reduce the risk of infection;

• improve sleeping;

• Prevent the formation of tumours;

• Speed ​​up the healing of wounds and scratches;

• Fight depression 

Providing retinol to the body promotes the progression of many different diseases, such as flu, colds, chickenpox, measles, etc. In addition, women are also essential during childbirth, because they can ensure the normal embryonic development and nutrition of the fetus. Did you know that vitamin A comes in 3 forms, such as retinol, retinal, and retinoic acid? And Apicdmo developed EUK 134 and realized large-scale production. EUK 134 was developed to avoid the disadvantages of SOD. If you want to know more about Euk 134 and SOD visit our website.

Major Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency 

Usually, an improper diet can lead to deficiency, which is when a person does not eat enough foods containing retinol or beta-carotene. 

In addition, deficiencies are often observed in people with liver, intestinal, or stomach problems. The main symptoms of a lack of this compound in the body include: 

• Decrease in immunity;

• Deterioration of skin condition;

• Constant fatigue and loss of strength;

• Sleep problems;

• Slow down the reaction speed;

• There is a rash;

• fragile nails;

• Decreased vision;

• Dry eyes;

• Decreased appetite;

• Hair loss;

• children are stunted.


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