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What are tips for managing Anxiety after Positive STD results?

An STD test result can hurt your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Diagnoses and concerns about sexual health can sometimes make us feel fearful, nervous, depressed, or hopeless.

An STD diagnosis can have negative psychological impacts, including anxiety, but there are strategies to manage them. Most individuals tend to blame themselves or others or start to worry about the potential effects on their health and relationships.

If you recently learned that you have an STD, you may struggle to cope with the news. In this post, we’ll look at strategies for controlling anxiety, various manifestations of anxiety, and what you can do to calm yourself down after receiving positive test results.

What are the symptoms of anxiety after positive STD results?

  • Physical symptoms.

These include overthinking-related headaches, a quick heartbeat brought on by anxiety and fear of the outcome, chills, nausea, and weariness.

  • Emotional symptoms.

They are guilty, panic, irritability, depression, and agitation.

  • Behavior symptoms.

Anxiety might result in behavioral symptoms, including withdrawals, weight loss, substance misuse, difficulties concentrating at work, sleep issues, or changes in social conduct.

What can you do to reduce anxiety after positive STD results?

It is highly beneficial to remember that worry and anxiety are emotional problems that you can control. Currently, you might wish to try any of the following:

  • Try counting your breaths while inhaling deeply.

Bring your focus to your breath as soon as the positive test results for STD are out. Push the air into your stomach deeply as you inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth. Slow down and count the rhythm of your breath.

  • Put an end to seeking more information online.

Due to the abundance of inaccurate or out-of-date material on the internet, searching for information can frequently worsen your anxiety. Having access to this incorrect information might make you more anxious.

These short phrases might help you concentrate, keep calm, and lessen unpleasant feelings. For example, “I’m scared, but the doctor said it’s curable.”

What are tips for coping with positive STD test results?

  • Keep in mind that you are not alone at all.

Today’s environment has a much greater infection rate, making STD testing positive more prevalent, with millions of individuals receiving diagnoses daily. Even though you might feel alone, know that you are not alone.

  • Strive toward open communication.

Being upfront about STDs allows you to get love and support from friendly people who will serve as a continual reminder of your value as a topic of pleasure and acceptance.

By being upfront with your partner and sharing your STD status, you can strengthen your relationship, and your intimate and sexual experiences will improve.

  • Adopt a self-care routine.

Prioritizing self-care is crucial since receiving an STD diagnosis might be unexpected to the point where you may not know what to do. You can reduce your anxiety by engaging in activities like spending time in nature or going for walks or runs.

  • Consult a therapist.

Our mental health may be impacted by the genuine and prevalent anxiety, stigma, and shame around STDs and sex. Consider reaching out to a mental health expert for support if you are struggling to deal with having an STD.


Consider seeking assistance and support from a mental health professional or sex therapist if, after testing positive for an STD, you are having trouble managing your mental health.

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