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What can men do for better kidney function?

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in your body. It does one of the crucial tasks that and that is the blood purification process. The exact task for your pair of kidneys involves removing waste products and excess water from your body. The job of the kidneys is in urine formation which is stored in the bladder and then eventually you urinate.

Kidneys also do other major tasks such as those pH balance maintenance, maintaining essential salt composition in your blood, and also regulating the number of other minerals such as potassium.
Of course, with such vital functions, it becomes important for us to undertake some basic precautions to ensure efficient kidney functioning.

More often than not we see men of various age groups suffering from various kidney problems such as infections, kidney failure, and kidney stone problems.

So let’s begin by knowing what men can do at home to keep healthy kidneys.

Avoid high blood sugar

Keep a check on your blood sugar levels. Remember that high blood sugar is not that good for your overall kidney health. High blood sugar can damage the glomerulus or the filtering units in the kidneys. You see kidneys are one of the organs in your body that have one of the vast networks of ultra-fine arteries and capillaries.

If you have high blood sugar then over the years during the blood purification process this high sugar level will cause sugar crystals to form eventually blocking the capillaries or even damaging them beyond being able to render blood purification anymore.

Keep blood pressure within normal levels

To keep your blood pressure in check find out if you have any cardiac problems and if so then you need to consult the doctors to find the right remedy for it.

Along with this, you need to avoid intake of high fats or high cholesterol diet.  Both of them can raise blood pressure. Along with this, you need to be psychologically fit and avoid stress and depression in your life.

Eat healthily

Eating healthy is primarily important because of two reasons we mentioned above already. If you do not have the right diet not only do you run the risk of having stomach and intestinal disorders but it also causes significant damage to your kidneys.

Avoid high carbs food items such as potatoes, deep-fried items, and cold drinks or soda water since they contain a lot of carbs that can cause high blood pressure. You also need to avoid taking in excessive fats or cholesterol in your diet because these can raise your blood sugar.

For this, you will need to avoid food items such as red meat,  unhealthy oils, cheese, butter, and all forms of fast foods.

Drink loads of fluid items

Of course, you need to drink lots of fluid items to ensure that your kidneys are in function. Remember that when you do not drink much water your blood plasma levels drop and so does the pH value along with the number of other salts and minerals in your blood.

All this can hamper the blood purification process within the kidneys. It is for this reason that ideally doctors recommend a healthy man not having kidney problems drink 6 to 8 liters of water. And in case you already have kidney problems then you need to take a few liters more.

Avoid smoking too much

Smoking is one of those addictive habits that can come with huge negative impacts on your kidney health. Smoking causes a direct effect on the kidney’s capillaries and arteries. Excessive smoking causes nicotine deposition within the arterial walls and thus leads to damage to the arteries.

It is needless to say that smoking also comes with other severe health issues such as lung cancer, severe cardiac problems, and respiratory problems such as bronchitis.

Avoid the use of certain types of OTC pills

You see the problem only becomes bigger when you take such medicines without the recommendation of a doctor, likely taking an overdose or likely using the medicine way beyond its safe tenure.

Do exercises and fitness activities

Doctors say that to keep kidney issues at bay men must involve in doing various forms of exercise, yoga, or other fitness activities such as playing any sports, according to research such men have much fewer chances of suffering from kidney stones or kidney infections.

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