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What Does a Hearing Test Involve?

Are you someone that’s dealing with hearing loss? According to MayoClinc, half of the people over 65 in the US will develop hearing loss at some point during their life.

If you find yourself having trouble hearing, it’s vital that you seek a hearing test. This can be conducted in different ways.

A hearing test will ultimately help determine the severity and types of hearing problems you are experiencing. It will also determine the necessary treatment needed.

So, how does a hearing test work? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about what goes into a hearing test.

Process of a Hearing Test

The audiometry test procedure is very simple. You’ll also be happy to know that no pain or invasiveness is involved.

After you arrive at the hearing clinic, your hearing test will be conducted in a room that’s completely sound-proof in order to prevent distractions.

Next, you will be instructed to wear headphones that connect to an audiometer. The audiometer is responsible for carrying out the results of your test.

After about 30 minutes, your test will be complete.

Types of Hearing Tests

There are several different types of hearing tests. Here are some examples of hearing tests that are commonly conducted.

Speech Audiometry

Speech testing measures the different levels of speech that you can hear. Throughout the duration of the test, you must repeat back the given words.

The number of words you can hear correctly will determine the results of the test.

Pure Tone Testing

Pure tone testing is similar to speech testing. Instead, it measures the sounds and volumes you can hear.

During the test, you will be listening to various noises in different volumes and pitches. You then must signal to the audiologist when you are able to hear a particular sound.


A tympanometry test differs from the speech and pure tone test. This test measures your eardrum’s movement.

To conduct the test, a small earbud will be placed inside your ears. Then, you will receive a blow of air into each ear.

The results of your test will determine if your ear has any excess wax or more serious issues like tumors.

Online Hearing Test

You also may choose to receive a hearing test online. However, it is not advisable for this to be the only method of hearing testing. That’s because online hearing tests have a tendency to be inaccurate.

Your online test may just consist of a series of questions to evaluate your symptoms. In some online tests, you may also listen to different levels of volume, pitch, and other sounds to determine if you should seek further treatment.

How Does a Hearing Test Work?

So, if you’re asking yourself “How does a hearing test work?” be sure to refer to this guide for all you need to know. If you suspect that you have any abnormalities with your hearing, be sure to make an appointment with an audiologist today.

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